Geraldine Chandler is the daughter of Chas Chandler and Renee Chandler.


Early life

Geraldine was born to Chas and Renee Chandler in Brooklyn, New York. After her parents' divorce, she was mostly raised by her mother. Geraldine often missed her father, wondering when he was coming home.[1]


In early 2015, Geraldine's soul was amongst those in Brooklyn taken hostage by Felix Faust, causing her to fall into a coma. However, after Chas seemingly killed Faust, all the souls were released. Geraldine's soul returned to her body, waking her up. Afterwards, Chas told Geraldine about his work.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Geraldine Chandler is the daughter of Chas and Renee Chandler. She is implied to be a Christian. Geraldine became a mother at 16, getting rid of her daughter's father when he didn't want to keep the baby.


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