"A good man turns bad, bad man turns good. You changed my life, you know."
—Gholem to John Diggle[src]

Gholem Qadir (died 2014) was the father of the late Farzad Qadir, a businessman and Afghan drug lord. He provided intelligence to the United States government, which he claimed saved many lives. Qadir was also an associate of H.I.V.E..


Early life

Gholem Qadir was a local warlord in Afghanistan, smuggling weapons and opium. After the 2001 U.S. invasion of the country, Qadir tried to play both sides of the conflict, but with contestable results. He eventually was placed on the U.S. military high-value target list and had to abandon his position. Qadir tried to blend into a small civilian group that a U.S. Army unit composed of John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, and Ted Gaynor was escorting to safety. However, his real identity was quickly discovered and Qadir was apprehended by the soldiers. On the way, the group was ambushed by insurgents and Diggle saved Qadir's life. He was afterwards delivered to U.S. intelligence.[1]

Qadir was eventually released by the Department of Defense, having apparently provided a great deal of valuable information. Sometime following this, he was given a safe haven in Markovia by Damien Darhk.[2]

Acquiring a nerve agent

A little while later, Diggle, Lyla, and the Suicide Squad were sent to Markovia to retrieve a nerve agent located beneath Qadir's estate. Diggle bumped into Qadir, where they quickly conversed before Deadshot provided a fake assassination attempt. Qadir thanked Diggle again and invited him to a party he was holding. That night, Diggle and Lyla arrived at the party, bypassing the finger scanner at the door by walking through with Qadir. Later in the night, when Amanda Waller ordered a drone attack on Qadir's estate in order to destroy the nerve agent, Diggle, in order to evacuate everybody, revealed the truth to everyone about Qadir. Qadir suddenly recognized Lyla from Afghanistan and threatened to kill her. However, Bronze Tiger promptly stabbed Qadir through the back, killing him.[1]


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