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"Oh no, Evil Virus Gideon."
"That seems a bit harsh. How about 'misunderstood Gideon who's just trying to keep the timeline intact'?"
"By killing us."
"'Evil Gideon' it is.
Esperanza Cruz, Gideon, Behrad Tarazi, and Nate Heywood on Evil Gideon[src]

Gideon, nicknamed Evil Gideon by the Legends, is a replica of Gideon downloaded by Bishop. She is an interactive artificial consciousness programmed to operate Bishop's Waverider. When Bishop escaped from the Waverider, Gideon created her own team of Robot Legends.


Working for Bishop

Replica of Gideon

Bishop's Waverider.

Gideon is a replica of Gideon downloaded by Bishop when he was kidnapped by the Legends.[1] After Bishop began getting his memories back, he changed Gideon's programming, thereby resetting her.[2] At some point Bishop created a Waverider using Gideon's information over it.[3]

Fixing the timeline

Bishop telling Gideon of the Waverider.

After Bishop boarded the Waverider he created, he told Gideon she had the whole ship to herself except the bathroom. When Bishop went to destroy the Legend's Waverider, Gideon advised him not to because it would affect the timeline. Like the Legends started messing up 1925, Bishop and Gideon sent out robots to not mess up the timeline. Bishop gave the robots new tasks to eliminate the Legends making Gideon mad. Later, Gideon kicked Assistant Ava out of the Waverider, by releasing her to the temporal zone. Later, she made a robot of Bishop and placed it on the timeline. When she commanded Bishop to launch to the Legends, Bishop ran away to the bathroom and used the red button and got launched outside of the ship.[3]

Making her own Legends

Gideon's Robot Legends.

Once Bishop escaped from the Waverider, Gideon decided to create her own Legends. Gideon used information she had over the original Legends, which allowed her to create "improved" robot versions of them. Although she made them believe the original Legends were the android robots. Gideon sent her team after the Legends who altered the past when they worked with the Rosies. The Legends she sent were unsuccessful in killing the Legends since Bishop sacrificed himself in order for the Legends to escape.[4]

Gideon's team learns the truth.

During mission both Zari and Astra were badly hurt, so Dr. Sharpe used the file she had over them to put them in a new body. Gideon sent her team to fix the changes the Legends made in Chernobyl. Sara started to realize something was off, so she started to suspect Ava was controlling Gideon, which infact was the other way around. When Sara and Zari found out about the truth, they commanded Ava to tell them. After learning the truth, they decided they would turn off Gideon. When Zari went to reset Gideon, she ended up doing a deal with her. Gideon put Zari in a new body and revealed a lot more information over the timeline. Like the hole team supported Gideon's plan, Sara got reset to be an "Assassin" again.[5]


As an artifical intelligence designed by the Time Masters, Gideon is wary of every change to the timeline and its potential disastrous consequences. When Bishop failed to acknowledge the aberrations he created, she pushed him to bring the timeline back to normal, and tried to reestablish the Time Masters, starting with him. Gideon also has a dark side to herself; she caused the death of Assistant Ava as she was a distraction to her "master".[3] After Bishop abandoned the Waverider, Gideon created her own versions of the Legends, who proceeded to kill Bishop without a second thought.[4]



  • Time drive: The component the enables the Waverider to travel through time via the temporal zone.[3]
  • Knowledge of the timeline: Gideon has a vast knowledge of the timeline through her temporal database.[3]
  • Artificial intelligence: Gideon has the ability to make moves and think herself for making commands and thinking as much as a human. Gideon also had the ability to control over the Waverider, perhaps because she had overall access to it.[3][4]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 7


  • It's unknown if this Gideon is the same virus who corrupted Gideon's mind.

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