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"I’m here, Captain."
"You always are."
—Gideon and Rip Hunter[src]

Gideon, nicknamed Gidget by Zari Tarazi, is an interactive artificial consciousness programmed to operate the Waverider's critical systems and to aid Rip Hunter and the Legends on missions. Its holographic appearance is strikingly similar to that of the Gideon system that will be created by Barry Allen.


Gideon introduces itself to the team

When the Legends boarded the Waverider, Gideon introduced herself to them.

Similar to her counterpart that assisted Eobard Thawne, the Waverider's Gideon is programmed with a feminine personality and appears either as a disembodied voice, or a holographic projection of a bald woman's head.

Gideon has shown the ability to be able to operate the timeship without any help from the crew, allowing multiple of the Legends to access the timeline at different points in time simultaneously.[1]

Among the abilities she possesses is healing, putting people to sleep and reading their dreams.[2] Gideon also has some sort of hacking ability, allowing her to sabotage other AIs or appear as a different data sender to fool computer systems. She is also able to produce plans to deal with situations on her own.[3] Gideon shows signs of this when Rip Hunter stole the Waverider and she asked Rip what he meant to retrieve. Gideon was told not what, but who. Gideon was then asked to pull out the files of eight men and women.[4]

After Rip Hunter left with Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, Martin Stein and Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson tried to order Gideon to take him home, though Gideon told Jefferson it was programmed not to. When Gideon asked an enraged Jefferson if he needed a sedative, the Waverider was attacked. When the team returned to the Waverider with Aldus Boardman, Gideon told them Aldus had sustained severe internal injuries.[4] After Carter dies at the hands of Vandal Savage, Gideon identifies different rocks within Kendra's body that came to be the after-effects of the stabbing given by Savage to Kendra with the Amon Dagger.[5] When Leonard Snart returns from a personal confrontation between him and his father in order to help his father avoid an arrest, Gideon shows that two days after the confrontation his father Lewis would sell out to an undercover cop and still get arrested even after changing history.

After Rip Hunter "kills" Savage at a ritual in 1975, he orders Gideon to time-travel to 1986. Once there, Gideon intercepts personal files from the Pentagon over Savage's whereabouts and his newly-hired scientist Valentina Vostok. To help Ray and Leonard speak Russian, Gideon modifies their voices with larynx capsules provided by Rip. When Ray, Leonard, and Professor Stein discover and invade Vostok's laboratory, Stein discovers a thermal core, several corpses, and photos which reveal attempts at making a Soviet Firestorm. After all three are captured and Sara decides not to kill Stein. Gideon predicts with a projection that in 2016, Star City will be invaded by multiple Soviet Firestorms.[6] However, the undercover mission of the Legends in which they are to get each other out of Savage's prison works and Gideon hovers the Waverider quickly to rescue the team right before the Soviet Firestorm (the mutated Valentina Vostok) triggers a nuclear explosion within her body. As the team celebrates, Gideon senses the presence of the bounty hunter Chronos who is attacking them. Hunter quickly orders Gideon to subdue the attacks; Gideon manages to fight off all of the missiles except one. The missile ultimately comes to knock them out of the timestream and the Waverider lands in a mysterious location.

When Rip Hunter asks Gideon what year they are after having landed the Waverider safely, the AI computer responds that they are in the year 2046. When Sara sees a Smoak Technologies building, she speculates that they are in Star City; their assumption is furthermore strengthened when they confront a mysterious archer.[6] While the team is busy facing the archer that claims to be the new Green Arrow, the Waverider starts burning from the interior and Gideon is shut down, most possibly due to the fire raging around the city. With the ship out of power, Rip, along with Sara and the archer, decide to retrieve a prototype to make Gideon function again, meeting the original Green Arrow on the way.[7] Gideon is soon able to function after the team (excluding Sara, Snart, and Rory) finishes fixing the different parts of the Waverider. However, after an argument sparks between Rip and Sara over helping the two archers, Gideon tells Hunter that it cannot guarantee the ship's energy to keep running for long. Later on, Snart locks up a knocked-out Rory after an argument in a cell provided by Gideon's system. After the team helps both Green Arrows defeat Deathstroke, Hunter instructs Gideon to process the coordinates to an unknown location.[7] Gideon gives a report to Hunter about the overall progress of the Waverider and credits Kendra Saunders for most of the work. Gideon was about to mention that Jax and Palmer were preoccupied trying to court Kendra, but was interrupted by Professor Stein to get out of the apocalyptic city.[7]

When the team captures Per Degaton, Savage's future ally who would unleash the Armageddon virus that would thin the world's population enough for world conquest, Sara asked what Per was dreaming of when he was sedated. Gideon answered that Per was dreaming of baking cookies with his mother, revealing that Gideon was capable of monitoring everyone's dreams. Gideon stated an example by telling Sara of her dreams of a young nurse.[2]

After the Legends' mission in 1637 France, Gideon remarked about another successful mission to Rip. When a time quake hit, she informed the team of its origin in New York City, 1942. Sara went to the library where Gideon provided her with information on Damien Darhk's whereabouts in 1942.[8]

When the team was time scattered by Rip, Gideon was shut down by Rip so he could make contact with the time drive.[9] Later when all of the Legends were rescued by Nate Heywood and Mick after Rip time scattered the Legends, she played Rip's final message for them.[8]

During their mission in 1942, the Legends brought the Justice Society of America to the Waverider and Gideon helped Vixen plan an attack on Krieger at the Fontainebleau Forest. Nate was injured in a bombing run so Gideon tried to administer medical assistance in the med bay but his hemophilia prevented Gideon from stabilizing his condition until Ray used a modified serum to heal Nate.[10]

After 1942, the Legends went into the temporal zone. Sara asked Gideon to pilot the ship when Amaya ambushed Sara and knocked her out. Later, when Ray and Nate blew a hole into the ship, Gideon informed them that the ship had lost control and that the team was screwed. The team rescued Ray and Nate so Gideon played one of Rip's favorite songs before they flew off to their next mission.[11]

Gideon human form

Gideon in human form in Rip's mind.

After Rip had his mind altered by the Legion of Doom, the Legends brought him aboard the ship where he used an override code to trigger a self-destruct on the ship through Gideon. After crashing, Gideon and Mick suggested going into the former Captain's brain in order to change him back. After Sara and Jax enter Rip's mind, they encounter Gideon. She takes human form in Rip's mind, helps Jax find Rip. They eventually do and Gideon helps Rip remember who he is. Rip now has to exit his mind and back to the physical world, however, he kissed Gideon before leaving. Rip later apologized for overriding Gideon. She then told Rip that she remembered the kiss and that it was nice. Her visual representation was also shown in Zari's subconsciousness.[12]


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Gideon is kind, caring, polite, well-mannered and respectful, although she generally follows the orders of the other Legends without hesitation, her loyalty is only to Rip Hunter, her former captain, even when he was under the influence of the Legion of Doom; despite the fact that Sara Lance and the other Legends told her not to follow his orders, Gideon still obeyed him.

It appears that Gideon has a sense of humor, despite being an AI; this is seen on many different occasions.

Zari Tomaz has called Gideon an evil genius; for being so intelligent and deceptive.

Gideon is also sentimental as seen when Ray leaving, she shown sadness and cried as many members of the Legends have left respectively.

List of Override codes

  • Shogun ballistic: Shut down code for Gideon's primary systems.
  • Spaniel broad tricycle: Override code, forcing Gideon to listen to Rip.
  • Gentleman's dreadnought: Locks all exits to the Waverider preventing any passengers from leaving.
  • Spectrum protocol: Starts a countdown for the self-destruction of the Waverider.
  • Imperiax: Makes Waverider automatically shoot nearby targets/spaceships.
  • Kanjar ro: Makes a holographic projection on the enemy ship's radar.
  • Nostromo Sequence: Seals the Waverider off from the outside world and locks all the doors within it.



  • Knowledge of the timeline: Gideon has a vast knowledge of the timeline through her temporal database and her former regular software updates through the vanishing point central computer, She has knowledge on virtually every past and future event, Person and their impact to the timeline and as such accurately predict future changes to the timeline should the Legends interfere with it.
  • Medical knowledge: Gideon is shown to scan and diagnose patients and then administer treatments to crew members and passengers in the medical bay. She has even regenerated limbs as shown when she regenerated Leonard Snart's hand in a process similar to fabrication, she has guided Martin Stein in a brain surgery on Mick Rory.
  • Auto-pilot: Gideon can take control and pilot the Waverider on her own as ordered to by Sara.
  • Artificial intelligence: Gideon has the ability to make moves and think herself for making commands and thinking as much as a human. Gideon also had the ability to control over the Waverider, perhaps because she had overall access to it.
  • Artificial telepathy: Gideon is capable of monitoring the dreams of anyone who sleeps in The Waverider, presumably by an extremely advanced neuro-monitor she was also able to use it to upload Zari's subconscious into her systems. This allowed Gideon to run Zari through her simulator program.
  • Temporal monitoring: Gideon is able to scan and pinpoint inaccuracies in the timeline as well as detect aberrations, anachronisms and encores as shown when asked to by Ava and Sara and mentioned by Behrad that she tracks the timeline to Zari.
  • Emotions: Gideon appears to have emotions as shown with her relationships with the Legends and rip hunter, Her original dislike for Ava going so far to call her a "bitch" and her sadness and tears with Ray's departure.


  • Electricity requirement: Gideon requires electric power to operate, when the ship's power is down, such as when a mind-altered Rip triggered an electromagnetic pulse on the Waverider, Gideon is unable to operate. Gideon can only be reactivated by an external agent.
  • Override code: Rip programmed Gideon with several override codes; which will force her to perform certain actions.
  • Patient's blood loss: Despite the Waverider's twenty-second-century medical technology, Gideon was unable to save Martin Stein after he was shot by Earth-X Nazis, since by the time Jax managed to get him to the ship's med-bay, Martin had already lost too much blood.[13]
  • Timeline alterations: When the original timeline was setting into Gideon's system, she suffered from a virus and spoke gibberish. [14]


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  • Though unconfirmed if it's the same one, this Gideon highly resembles the Gideon used by Eobard Thawne (which was created by Barry Allen in a potential future).
  • It appears that Gideon knows that Rip has romantic feelings for her, as shown when Sara and Jax entered Rip's subconscious.[12]
  • Gideon sounds slightly different in her human form, likely because her voice is not projecting from speakers or it's not as digitized.
  • According to Ava, Gideon makes amazing French toast.[15]
  • Gideon is capable of crying, as she did while saying goodbye to Ray Palmer.[16]
  • Gideon is capable of generating low-end EMP capable of wiping all of The Pentagon's magnetic media, including security footage.
  • Gideon is a quantum-enhanced, artificial-intelligence capable of complete autonomous operation.
  • Zari has given Gideon a digital face-lift, allowing her to project a three-dimensional hologram of a bald woman's head to represent herself.
  • Gideon once uploaded herself into the latency core of The Waverider to avoid being wiped out by The Time Masters.
  • Gideon was formerly capable of establishing an uplink with the omnimatrix mainframe of The Time Masters, she used this so that Rip and Ray can remotely disable their tractor beam.
  • Ava has created a new program for Gideon called The Prognosticator which can pinpoint Encores before they can change the timeline. It detects a mysterious gangsters stealing drugs from the Hong Kong triads in 1997, just before the city was to be returned to the Chinese government by the British. [17]
  • Zari is able to hack past the encrypted security protocols Gideon uses to manage the locks on the Waverider.
  • Gideon is able to tune the magic-o-meter on the Waverider to John's specific magical frequency. It will enable Gideon to find him as soon as he casts a spell, no matter where or when he is.
  • Gideon can stimulate hair follicles to make hair grow overnight.
  • Sara programs Gideon with a "narc mode" that tracks the rest of the crew.

Behind the scenes

  • It is possible that Gideon's telepathy may be a reference to Arthur Darvill's time on Doctor Who. The time ship on Doctor Who, known as the TARDIS, was telepathic. Rip also had similar feelings towards the Waverider and Gideon that the Doctor has towards his TARDIS.
  • In "Legends of To-Meow-Meow", Gideon is shown in a fully human form interacting with Sara and Ava as one of the 'Sirens of Space-Time' under the name 'Hard Drive'; how this is possible is not explicitly stated, but the likely explanation is that this Gideon created an android avatar that could be controlled separately from the Waverider, similar to the relationship between Rommie and the Andromeda A.I. in Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.


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