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"I am Gideon, an interactive artificial consciousness."
—Gideon to Barry Allen[src]

Gideon is an interactive artificial consciousness (A.I.) used by Eobard Thawne and Team Flash. She was hidden in the Time Vault inside S.T.A.R. Labs. Though Gideon was used by Eobard, she was created by Barry Allen in the future.[1] In order to manage her operating system, one needs the Reverse-Flash ring, the Time Vault or the mobile Gideon unit.

Fearing the risk of exposing Barry Allen's identity, Gideon erased the data about S.T.A.R. Labs in the internal servers and self-destructed.

But after Damien Darhk helps Barry to undo the alternate timeline created by Eobard Thawne; Gideon was restored back into existence.


Original multiverse


Gideon projects from the Reverse-Flash's hand.

At some point in the original future, Barry Allen/The Flash created Gideon to help him in his tasks as the Flash.[1]

In the hands of Eobard Thawne

At some point in the future, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash somehow gained access to Gideon, using her during his trip to the past.[2]

After he ran back in time to the year 2000, during which time he killed Nora Allen, Eobard was informed by Gideon that his connection to the Speed Force was no longer present and that he couldn't travel back in time to his home, leading him to steal Dr. Wells' identity, create S.T.A.R. Labs as well as the accident that made Barry Allen the Flash early.[3]

Gideon's operating system was later installed in Thawne's hidden Time Vault in S.T.A.R. Labs at some point before or during 2013. On December 11, 2013, Gideon was activated in response to the appearance of 2018 Barry Allen. Accompanying Barry was his future daughter Nora, whom Gideon identified as XS and noted was the fifth recruit of a group called the Legion, only to be interrupted by Barry, who ordered her to recalibrate the Speed Force transmitter he inserted into its console to extract dark matter from the impending particle accelerator explosion and to leave no record of this.[4]

Gideon helping Dr. Wells with his log entry.

Following the particle accelerator explosion, where Barry Allen was struck by lightning and became "The Flash" ever since, Thawne would visit the Time Vault to oversee an article from 2024, reporting of the Flash's disappearance in a Crisis,[5] As "Dr. Wells", Thawne used Gideon to record and catalog his notes about Barry Allen and his progress as a speedster. However, "Dr. Wells" later used it to search for the Flash in future newspapers after Barry's abilities were repressed by Blackout, to no avail. After Barry regained his powers, Thawne updated his log with Gideon and was able to find the article from 2024, reporting that the future remained intact.[6]

Sometime later, Gideon recommended that Eobard stop using the tachyon device to absorb the Speed Force, but he wished to elevate the absorption to maximum.[7]

When Firestorm was about to go nuclear, Eobard entered the Time Vault to retrieve a gun to shoot Firestorm. Gideon remarked that the weapon was rather crude. Thawne then had a change of heart and asked Gideon if the tachyon device could be converted into a quantum splicer. Gideon answered that it was theoretically possible, but doing so would delay his timetable.[8]

After Barry traveled back in time while trying to stop Weather Wizard, Eobard asked Gideon to show him the future via the 2024 article, to ensure that it hadn't been changed.[9]

When Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin discover the Time Vault and the 2024 article, they met Gideon, who identified Barry, mentioning his future position as director of CCPD's CSI division and a founding member of something, but was interrupted by the latter before it could name the group. Barry then asked Gideon if it knew Eobard's true identity, but Gideon failed to understand his question. He then changed the question, asking what the Reverse-Flash was doing in their time. Gideon answered that he wanted to kill Barry as a child but the latter escaped, so he killed Barry's mother Nora out of anger. He then asked what Eobard wanted from him but Gideon only said that the endgame was Barry to be the Flash. As Eobard approached, Cisco feared that Gideon would tell him of their discovery, so Barry asked Gideon if it could show them its operating system to erase its memory. However, Cisco took one look at Gideon's operating system and realized he couldn't do it, so Barry asked Gideon hesitantly to keep their meeting a secret. Gideon agreed, and much to the astonishment of Barry, explained that it was he (Barry) who created Gideon. As Barry whisked himself, Caitlin, and Cisco, out of the room, Eobard entered and was casually greeted by Gideon. He asked if everything was alright, and Gideon said that everything was fine.[1]


After Team Flash discovered Reverse-Flash's true identity, Eobard Thawne deactivated Gideon for safety purposes, presumably to avoid the Flash using her against him.


Harry activating Gideon in the Time Vault.

Three years later (exactly 1078 days later) she was activated once again, this time by Harrison Wells from Earth-2. Gideon asked him how can she help, and Harry said that a lot has changed in the last three years.[10] After building a Thinking Cap to increase his likelihood of defeating Clifford DeVoe, Harry, desperate to outsmart DeVoe, forced Gideon to inject dark matter into the cap despite her warnings. After doing so, Gideon scanned Harry's brain and revealed that the overload of dark matter fried his neural synapses, which in turn would cause Harry's intelligence to gradually wane until he lost all function.

Gideon was later hijacked by DeVoe using Kilg%re's powers, enabling him to hijack S.T.A.R. Labs' satellite to replace one of five that Barry destroyed for his Enlightenment. He also plugged in a vial of dark matter and Neil Borman's former miniaturized cell-turned nuclear fusion battery into her console to transmit the energy to the satellites.[11]

After Nora became a member of Team Flash, she kept in contact with Eobard Thawne (that was somehow imprisoned in Iron Heights in 2049) through her journal, with Nora sending information to Eobard's cell through Gideon's limited time travel capabilities in regards to information, using a specific form of "time text", that is supposed to survive through the changes of timeline.[4]

Mobile Gideon unit

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In 2019, the Monitor destroyed the plinth containing Gideon and Nora's goodbye message. Barry was able to salvage enough parts to help rebuild Gideon and connect to her through an ear piece so she could help him travel into the future to witness to coming crisis. She reveals he was hit by antimatter while in the Speed Force and that Jay Garrick of Earth-3 could help Barry as he knew more about antimatter.[12]

New multiverse

Godspeed war

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After the Godspeed war, Barry checked with Gideon to make sure the timeline was on track despite Nora and Bart's visit to the past.[13]

Armageddon and destruction

After a demolition team went to do inspections on S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry had her disguise the passages that could lead to the inspectors discover the work of Team Flash with holographs. To prevent the data of the internal server to be revealed, Gideon deletes all the information, including herself. Since Barry learned there are no options to save her, he showed sadness over her having to sacrifice herself. Gideon expressed that it was an honor working with Barry before self-destroying.[14]


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After Damien Darhk helps Barry Allen to undo the alternate timeline that was created by Eobard Thawne; Gideon was restored back into existence.


Gideon is kind, caring, polite, well-mannered and respectful. Although she generally follows the orders of Eobard Thawne without hesitation. But she is more loyal to Barry Allen than Eobard; due to the fact that Barry is her creator.[1]



  • Knowledge of the timeline: Gideon has a vast knowledge of the timeline. Gideon has also cataloged the changes caused by the Crisis.
  • Artificial intelligence: Gideon has the ability to make moves and think herself for making commands and thinking as much as a human.
  • Knowledge of the Speed Force: Gideon is capable of measuring the speed of a user of the Speed Force. Being able to see Barry Allen's max speed and Eobard Thawne's speed levels and his traces of the Speed Force.


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  • Gideon understands languages other than English, responding to Cisco congratulating Barry in Hebrew on Barry's future marriage to Iris.[1]
  • It is assumed that Gideon was inactive in the Time Vault for roughly three years until Harry reactivated her in "Null and Annoyed".
    • This is inferred through the fact that Gideon mentioned to Harry (while believing he was Eobard) that 1078 days had passed since they previously spoke, placing that date around the time of the season 1 episode "The Trap".
  • In "Godspeed", Nora counts the wall frames she counts seven and then skips one and chooses the one after it, showing that Gideon is located in the 9th wall frame on the right side of a hall in S.T.A.R. Labs.