Gingold is a brand of dry gin made of pure Gingo extract, particularly enjoyed by Ralph Dibny.


Ralph Dibny always keeps a bottle of Gingold in his office desk.[1]

Ralph ordered one glass of iced Gingold while in a bar disguised as Gregory Wolfe.

Later that evening, Ralph began drinking Gingold in his office to cope with his failed mission. When Caitlin Snow arrived, she smashed Ralph's bottle of Gingold and used the broken glass to cut her palm, triggering Killer Frost.[2]

After cleaning out Ralph's office following his apparent death, Barry Allen poured two glasses of Gingold. He drank one glass in a silent toast to Ralph.[3]


The Flash

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Behind the Scenes

  • In the main DC Comics continuity, Gingold is a soft drink obtained from the extract of Gingo fruit, which granted Ralph Dibny his elasticity-based powers. The Gingo fruit was also employed to produce the flesh-like material which the iconic mask of Question is made of.
  • Gingold's logo was shown to be dark green with gold-yellow writing in "Elongated Journey Into Night". In subsequent appearances though, the logo is a forest green with green and pale gold writing.



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