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For the titular character, see Kara Danvers.
"Kara Danvers is my favorite person! She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could, so just... think about that while you're trying to get rid of her!"
Alex Danvers on the importance of Kara's civilian identity

"Girl of Steel" is the first episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-third episode overall. It aired on October 9, 2017.



In her mind, Kara walks through a field, eventually meeting Mon-El and Alura, whom she embraces. In reality, she is hovering over National City as Supergirl. She hears police sirens; three police cars are pursuing a stolen armoured truck. Two of them are stopped by the robbers' fire and the one containing Alex and Maggie is left trapped alongside the truck as one of the robbers, Robert DuBois, prepares to fire a machine gun at them. Supergirl blocks the bullets, then has a short fight with DuBois and tosses him aside, allowing him to slope off. Supergirl stops the truck as it was about to collide with a stationary car containing a family, but flies off without acknowledging anyone.

Supergirl and Alex join J'onn and Winn at the D.E.O. where Supergirl berates herself for letting one of the robbers escape, even though the others credit her for saving lives and preventing the theft of aluminium rods. Supergirl gets Winn to take a sample of DuBois' blood from her hand to try and identify him. Alex tries to get her to meet them at the bar tonight and join her and Maggie in a tasting for their wedding but she won't commit. The others worry about how closed off she is.

Morgan Edge is holding a meeting in his office where he talks about the city being rebuilt after the Daxamite invasion. James and Lena give credit to Supergirl. The mayor is planning to unveil a "Girl of Steel" statue on the waterfront but Edge wants the area re-zoned for a development. Both James and Lena oppose the plan, which will force people from their homes.

Kara and James view Cat Grant making a typically acerbic answer in her role as President Olivia Marsdin's press secretary. Snapper Carr has gone on sabbatical. James leads a staff meeting but Kara is evasive about sending in an article on the invasion, although she insists she'll get it done. They then see Edge announcing on the news that he is buying CatCo. Kara goes to see Lena and asks her to talk to Edge: He has been secretly buying up shares and has now approached the major shareholders. Lena tries to talk to her about Mon-El but Kara refuses to be engage and sees a report of a burglary.

At the bar, J'onn, Alex, Maggie, James, and Winn see the report of Supergirl stopping the burglary and conclude she's not coming. Maggie also notices Alex's lack of interest in the tasting and the wedding in general. A call from the DEO summons Supergirl, Winn, J'onn and Alex: They have identified DuBois, AKA Bloodsport, who disappeared after bombing city hall. He is ex-military and while trying to access the records from his old posting, Fort Douglas, Winn discovers there server is offline.

Supergirl flies there and finds the guard overpowered. She investigates a lead-lined hangar where a laser beam from an unseen source fires at her and at a group of military personnel who investigate. She fires her heat vision at the source, revealing a cloaked Daxamite ship. DuBois flees while she is helping an injured soldier. James uses the signal watch to summon Kara to the office but she is furious to find it is simply because she missed her deadline. Uninterested in her life as Kara, she resigns from CatCo.

J'onn has a heated phone conversation with General Lane about him holding alien technology without telling the DEO. Winn has found that DuBois stole a pressure regulator from the armoured truck and a cloaking device from the Daxamite ship. Put together, he can cloak an aircraft. Alex gets a call from James around Kara and goes to see her. Kara feels she is a success as Supergirl while as Kara Danvers she is a sad girl who gave up her boyfriend. She feels trying to be human was a mistake. Alex gives her the information on DuBois before adding that she likes Kara Danvers.

Lena goes to see Edge and offers to invest in his company if he gives up the CatCo plan. However, Edge is looking forward to being able to use it to promote his own agenda. After Lena has gone, DuBois enters and reports that everything is ready.

At the waterfront, Supergirl and J'onn watch the crowd gathering from the rooftop. Supergirl asks him about missing his family, saying she dreams of her mother and Mon-El. Maggie and Alex are in the crowd below. Alex assures Maggie she does want to be married to her but confesses she doesn't want a big wedding because her father won't be there to give her away. Maggie says she can choose her family. A girl, Ruby Arias, bumps into Alex and her mother, Samantha, gets her to come back and apologize.

Lena unveils the statue but the waterfront is rocked by an explosion. Evidence points to a missile but Winn, back at the DEO, is unable to track it, even though it can't have been cloaked. Supergirl realizes the cloaking device has been used on a submarine, which is firing at the land under the waterfront. Tracking it with super-hearing, she dives into the water and disables the cloak. DuBois has a missile fired and then detonated, knocking out Supergirl and causing further waterfront damage. Ruby is trapped under a girder and Samantha, seemingly to her own surprise, exhibits super-strength in lifting it off her. Supergirl floats in the water but wakes when she sees Mon-El urging her to wake up. She stops the submarine firing again and flies it out of the water.

Kara goes to see Lena, who has stopped Edge buying CatCo by buying it herself. She asks Kara to come back and help her run it. Edge arrives to remonstrate with her. Kara leaves and returns as Supergirl. She flies Edge out to a shipping trawler and reveals she knows he was behind the waterfront attack: She can't prove it but he has her attention. She flies off, leaving him stranded, but doesn't notice an alien ship lodged in the waterfront, uncovered by the explosions.

Alex tells J'onn that she and Maggie are having a big wedding and she wants him to give her away, which he happily agrees to. Kara looks through keepsakes of Mon-El and texts Lena, agreeing to meet her at work for CatCo. She then joins Alex, James, J'onn, Winn, and Maggie at the bar.

In a dream, a figure who looks like Alura is standing in a field. She suddenly turns around to reveal a distorted, snarling face. Samantha wakes up, horrified.



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Reign's true form

Reign in Samantha's nightmare.

  • The figure in Samantha's nightmare at the end of the episode bears a strong resemblance to Reign's true form in the comics.
  • The musical theme during the rolling end credits is different from that of the first two seasons.


  • During the Edge Global boardroom scene, Katie McGrath's native accent noticeably slips.
  • Winn says he cannot track where the explosion on the waterfront originated because "the radar is not picking up any underwater signals." Radar does not work underwater.
  • When Kara is texting to Lena, the text appears before she types.