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Giselle Cutter, simply known as Cutter, is a British mercenary with poison-tipped blades who works frequently for Tobias Whale and has an on-off relationship with him.


Early life

Cutter was born in Britain and, at some point in her life, she became a meta-human under unknown circumstances and started a mercenary career becoming well known for never getting cut by a knife or hit by a bullet, prompting many people to assume she has powers, although this was never demonstrated.[1] She is considered a top assassin and natural born killer, as well as a great professional, although it was stated she has also sometimes committed grave failures during the course of her career.[2]

Cutter often took jobs for Tobias Whale, becoming very close to his sister, Tori,[1] and started a relationship with him that apparently did not end up well.[3]

Hunting Painkiller

Tobias hired Cutter to hunt down his former associate Khalil Payne/Painkiller. As the woman asked him why he doesn't act himself since he already has a tracker implanted in Khalil, Tobias answered that he cannot due to his new role as an upstanding member of society.

Khalil fights Cutter.

Cutter poses as a police officer and knocks on Yvette's door. While Khalil and Jennifer hide, Yvette realizes that Cutter is no police officer. Cutter attacks, forcing Khalil to knock out his aunt and start fighting with Cutter. Jennifer drags Yvette to safety and tries to help Khalil but is pinned to the wall by Cutter's knives. As Cutter prepares to kill Khalil, Black Lightning and Thunder arrive. As they fight Cutter, Jennifer and Khalil escape but Gambi continues to track them with a drone. Jennifer uses her powers to short out the drone.

After dealing with Cutter, Black Lightning and Thunder start to search for Jennifer and Khalil. Jennifer realizes that the lump in Khalil's head is the tracker and uses her power to short it out. Cutter reports to Tobias that Black Lightning and Thunder intervened in her mission.[1]

Jen threatens Cutter.

Having managed to poison Painkiller during their fight, Cutter waited until Jennifer sneaked into a hospital and used her abilities to get access to some medicine, she is then able to locate the barn where she and Khalil are hiding. However Jen subdued Cutter, chained her and forces her to give her the antidote, so she administrated it to Khalil before knocking Cutter unconscious. After the two leave, Cutter managed to free herself before the arrival of Black Lightning, Thunder and Gambi.[4]

Tobias rips out Khalil's spine.

After Khalil accepted a deal with Henderson to turn himself in, becoming an asset to finally put Tobias away. Cutter attacked the caravan that transported him finally delivering the boy back to Tobias. In revenge for his actions, Tobias brutally rips out Khalil's spinal implant, leaving him once again paralyzed and dropped off the injured Khalil outside of Jeremiah Holt's church as a threat for Holt's compliance.[2]

Tobias' new henchwoman

Jace, Cutter, Tobias and Todd found the Project Master of Disaster.

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The next morning, Cutter went to one of Reverend Holt's sermons and poisoned one of his handkerchiefs, instantaneously killing him. Later she went back to Tobias who apologized to her for how they left each other's years before. After Todd Green freed Dr. Helga Jace from her prison, and the latter revealed that she knows where in the Freeland clinic the four meta-humans from the Project Masters of Disaster are, Cutter, along with Todd, Tobias and Jace are led to them.[3]

Powers and abilities


"Bullets never hit her. It's also been said that she can literally throw knives around corners. That says to me, low-level telekinetic."
Peter Gambi[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Cutter's DNA was altered and her cells supercharged, turning her into a meta-human and thereby allowing her to access her powers.
    • Telekinesis: Gambi theorizes that Cutter has some sort of telekinetic field around her body since it's almost impossible for her to get hit by knives or bullets.[1] She has demonstrated in a fight with Marcus Bishop that with enough force she can push her knifes against people with her mind though the exact strength of her powers is unknown.[5]


"Assassin, tracker, world-class martial artist, mercenary for hire."
Peter Gambi[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Cutter has top-level strength, dexterity, speed, stamina and, reflex for human standards, being able to hold her own and even defeat physically enhanced meta-humans.[1] She also has an extraordinary high-level tolerance of pain.[2]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a highly trained mercenary, Cutter is shown to be perfectly capable of fighting, managing to go head-to-head with Painkiller, Black Lightning and Thunder at the same time.[1] She was also capable of taking down an entire SWAT team on her own in just a few minutes.[2]
  • Marksmanship: She is well known as a skilled markswoman. Her signature weapon is poisoned throwing knives,[1] she has been also shown to possess impressive skills with guns.[5]
  • Infiltration: Cutter is very skilled in infiltrating various locations.[1][4] According to the same Cutter, she can sneak into any room without anybody noticing her.[5]


  • Throwing knives: Cutter always carries with her a full set of signature poisoned throwing knives, many of them infused with an anti-meta-human toxin.[4]


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