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The Godspeed war was a civil war between two factions of Godspeed clones who were looking for the real August Heart in Central City. One faction wanted Heart to become faster while the other knew that this would mean that the clones would die and thus wanted to kill Heart. Because this war caused destruction all around Central City, Team Flash and its allies decided to step in as well.

Later, August revealed that this war was a part of his plan to force the Flash to give him organic speed. After this, Heart himself was the one to stop the war by absorbing the clones back into his own body after gaining organic speed.


Godspeed vs. XS and Impulse

Godspeed using the Cosmic Treadmill.

During a fight with XS and Impulse, Godspeed ran to the Flash Museum and used the Cosmic Treadmill to time travel to 2021. However, this caused Godspeed to lose his own speed as well as his memories.[1]

Attack of the clones

Fighting Team Flash

Sometime later, numerous Godspeed clones showed up. The first set of clones started attacking all over Central City, leading up to Team Flash realizing that there were two clones in stead of one. Just as the Flash and Frost were about to go and fight these Godspeeds, they disappeared.

The Godspeeds attack S.T.A.R. Labs.

Sometime later, a Godspeed clone attacked a power plant, but when the Flash showed up, Chester P. Runk was able to decipher the clone's "modem-speak" and realized that the Godspeeds set up a trap in order to catch the Flash. Then, a whole group of Godspeeds showed up and the Flash had to run to S.T.A.R. Labs while having Chester initiate the Babel Protocols, creating a force field around the building.

Eventually, the Godspeeds were able to drain the energy from the force field, allowing them to get through. Inside of S.T.A.R. Labs a fight between the Godspeeds and the Flash, Frost and Mark Blaine ensued. Team Flash was winning after Gideon played a recording of the clone's "modem-speak" through the intercom system, confusing the clones for a while, until a clone attacked Chester.

After this, the Flash lured the clones to follow him outside and fight him. Just as these clones began cyphoning the Flash's speed, another group of Godspeed clones showed up and started to attack the other Godspeeds, eventually leading up to the Godspeeds' disappearance and Team Flash realizing that this was a civil war.[2]

Civil war

During another Godspeed attack, the Flash led one of the clones to an entropy trap created by Cisco Ramon and brought to Team Flash by John Diggle. Then, they locked this Godspeed in the Pipeline and interrogated it. Just as the Flash thought the clone wouldn't understand him, it spoke English and explained to Barry why the two factions of clones were fighting: one faction of the clones wants to steal the Flash's speed in order to give to their master August Heart, but the other wants to work with the Flash to find August Heart and kill him in order to save their own lives.

Since Barry didn't agree to helping the clones to find ad kill Heart, the clone declared war on him and his team as well. Then, it escaped its cell, destroyed the entropy trapped and attacked the Flash before being blasted with electromagnetic waves by Allegra Garcia and leaving. Sometime after this attack, the Godspeeds left again.

The Godspeeds' attacks caused Barry to get worried about the safety of his daughter, Nora, and wanted to go check up on her. However, when Barry tried to travel to the future, he was met by a group of Godspeeds, who were charging up their speed, inside of the Speed Force who stopped Barry from going to the future.

Meanwhile, Cecile Horton and Spartan were checking locations that August Heart was seen at in the future, as mentioned in Nora's journal, for the real August Heart. While looking for him, more Godspeeds attacked and during a fight with a Godspeed clone, Spartan had a major headache and was saved by Frost.

Frost, Spartan, and Cecile Horton at Dayton Labs.

Sometime later, the three of them found a man at the place where Heart works in the future. After examining the man, Team Flash realized that he had lost his memories and asked him if he would allow them to try and get him to gain them again. He agreed, but after being dosed with a nano dose of neurogenic dark matter, all he could remember was his name: August Heart.[3]

Later that evening, Barry's children, Nora and Bart, showed up. They explained how Godspeed came to 2021 and how they chased him through time. Barry then decided that, since they couldn't go back to the future with the Godspeeds in the Speed Force, they might as well help them end this war once and for all. Thus, during the next Godspeed attack, the Flash, XS and Impulse showed up and decided to have the Godspeeds chase them until they needed to recharge. However, due to their relation with Impulse, they only followed him, almost defeating him just as they had to recharge.

The Godspeeds then kidnapped Jay Garrick in order to draw out Impulse, while Barry just benched Bart from the fight against the Godspeeds. During a later Godspeed attack, the Flash and XS used Chester's solar encryption engine to drain the Godspeeds' speed, only since it was charged by Barry's lightning, the S.E.E. only worked temporarily and the Godspeeds got the upperhand on the Flash and XS again, only for them to be saved by Frost.

Barry, Nora, Bart, and Jay are surrounded by Godspeed clones.

After this fight, they realized that they needed more people to fight the Godspeeds and allowed Bart to help them again. Sometime later, the Godspeeds sent a message that they had taken Jay Garrick and wanted Team Flash to hand over Impulse in return. After hearing this, Bart ran off on his own in order to save Jay, but was ambushed by Godspeed clones. The Flash and XS then arrived and a fight ensued. Eventually Mecha-Vibe and Frost appeared to save them, however, Bart was left in a comatose state.[1]

Ending the war

Godspeed on his throne.

Barry decided to enter August Heart's mind to see if he could find his memories as Godspeed. There, Barry was confronted by August sitting on a throne in his Godspeed suit.[1]

He explained that he wanted organic speed so he could become faster and that the clones were all a part of his plan to force the Flash's hand to give him organic speed. The only thing Heart hadn't foreseen was his memory loss. Thus, Heart left Barry with a choice, either give Heart organic speed or watch Central City burn because of the war.

After Barry left Heart's mind, he told the rest of the team what happened. Nora wanted Barry to give Heart organic speed in order to end the war, however, Barry refused and called in the Speed Force to help. She gave everyone with even a little Speed Force in their system, including Iris, a boost and brought Bart out of his coma.

Somewhere just outside of Central City, Joe West and Kristen Kramer were helping people who were in the middle of Godspeeds fighting each other. However, when Joe was attacked by one of the Godspeeds, Kristen used superhuman speed to run him out of there, realizing she had meta-human powers.

The Flash with his speedster allies prepare to fight the Godspeeds.

Now stronger than ever, the speedsters decided to fight the Godspeeds, but after knocking the Godspeeds out, they started to feed on the Speed Force and recharged. Thus, the Speed Force had to leave. Then, Allegra took the S.E.E. to the Godspeeds and knocked them out. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash realized that they wouldn't be able to get the S.E.E. up and running again for a long time. That's when Barry changed his mind on giving August organic speed.

When Barry gave August organic speed, his memories came back, causing him to speed off to the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs and reabsorb his clones into his body, effectively ending the Godspeed war.[4]


Godspeed fighting the Flash and the Reverse-Flash.

After Heart gained organic speed and absorbed his clones, a fight with the Flash ensued. However, the Flash was prepared for this to happen and had Iris and the Speed Force bring back the Reverse-Flash in order to fight Godspeed.

After the Reverse-Flash defeated Godspeed, he wanted to fight the Flash as well, but ended up getting defeated by the Flash who became much faster than him. This caused Reverse-Flash to run off, allowing the Flash to bring Godspeed to Iron Heights.[4]

For an unexplained reason, the damage the war was doing to the timeline began affecting Iris West-Allen, who began falling through time and needed infusion of Still Force energy to stabilize her. It was only worsened thanks to the Reverse Flashpoint, where Iris had all her treatments removed prior to the timeline being corrected. As a result, she began pulling objects, even time and people into the Still Force.


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