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"From the second I woke up after being hit by lighting, you've been here. You were there every step of this journey. There wouldn't be a Flash without Cisco Ramon."
Barry Allen to Cisco Ramon

"Good-Bye Vibrations" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-fifth episode overall. It aired on June 8, 2021.



Cisco and Kamila are leaving Central City. Kamila has a display show in Miami and Cisco will Star City to be the ARGUS Director Technology and Science. Caitlin and Barry don't respond a remarkable way Cisco expects and appears to be practically cheerful. Cisco takes Chester to capacity and shows him the different devices there, a biggest hits of Cisco's innovations throughout the years just as an enormous carton of shirts. Cisco gives everything (sans shirts) to Chester. Cisco goes to pack his things and is astonished to see it's now been accomplished for him by Barry. Caitlin appears, gives him a message from Frost, and asks Cisco for his representative identification and access codes.

At a bank in Central City, a lady utilizes her metahuman forces to get a private abundance investor to think of her a clerk's check for ten million dollars. In fact it's not robbery. The financier was so glad and just offered it to her so Team Flash needs to sort out her force. She makes individuals euphoric. Cisco chooses he needs to settle one final case together. Cisco makes the association with Roy G. Bivolo, simply this Rainbow Raider 2.0 drives individuals cheerful rather than crazy.

They find the meta leaving a diamond setters where he attempts to utilize one of his gadgets on her, yet it breakdowns and she utilizes her forces. As The Flash saves a valet, Cisco gets hit and turns out to be exceptionally glad and tender. Cisco is overjoyed, singing and will resemble that until tomorrow so they choose to have Chester keep an eye on. Cisco gets the possibility that the group is discarding him an unexpected going gathering.

Caitlin and Barry track this new Rainbow Raider to Ferris Airfield - her genuine name is Carrie - yet Cisco plays with The Flash's suit show and makes it show moving felines, making him run into a van which thus permits Carrie to hit him with her forces and let her move away. He shows up back at STAR, similarly as overjoyed as Cisco and they begin moving, with Barry in any event, breakdancing. Chester shows up and hits them with some light, turning around the bliss. With the pair got back to business as usual, Cisco uncovers that Carrie took an extravagant airship that is untraceable. Barry requests that he get something from ARGUS to help, provoking Cisco to snap.

The entire day Cisco has felt like Barry and Caitlin have been too anxious to even consider disposing of him. He figures they couldn't care less. Caitlin and Barry clarify that they had recently been acting courageously so they could have one final mission together and their last day wouldn't be pitiful. Cisco uncovers to them that the dread Psych made him see was him still there 30 years later with an up and coming age of legends, however with him always failing to have changed or developed. While they think back and have a second, Barry sorts out Carrie's arrangement.

Ends up, Carrie took the money and jewels to part with. She'd recently been terminated from occupations at assortment offices for dropping obligation. She will probably drop the abundance she's taken over the arena as a game gets out. They need to stop her so Allegra gets Mecha Vibe and The Flash onto the Blimp and they quell Carrie. The Flash reveals to her that he's not sending her to Iron Heights and rather will propose she work for the city's financial bonus, however they have greater issues. The framework on the airship has been seared. In the event that it crashes, it will detonate. The Flash gets Allegra and Carrie off the zeppelin, yet Cisco remains behind. He utilizes portions of his suit to attempt to get the framework back on the web and does as such, and barely figures out how to keep the dirigible from smashing.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Chester slows down Cisco as there is an unexpected gathering in progress for Team Flash just as one for Kamila at The Citizen. Cisco passes the light to Chester, giving him the entirety of his plans and significant data. Cisco takes a last second at STAR Labs while a montage of minutes plays.

Afterward, Joe, Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco eat together. Cisco blessings them every last one of his shirts and afterward they choose to do some karaoke. The gathering sings Lady Gaga's Poker Face, a return to the arrangement debut.

Iris likewise struggled with Kamila leaving and was smart with her, yet ultimately comes around and discloses to her how she feels. Additionally, Allegra sees Cecile at the crime location, however Cecile glosses over it as talking with a lead. Toward the finish of the scene, Cecile is spooky by something, investigating the mirror and seeing herself canvassed in a Gold Mask. Cecile says to her reflection "I will find you".



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  • The episode's title has two meanings. One references the song "Good Vibrations" and the other is the message "Good-bye, Vibe", symbolizing Cisco's departure from Team Flash.
  • Cisco looks at the photo of Team Flash that was taken in "The Sound and the Fury".
  • When Chester finds Cisco's box of t-shirts he looks at one with a melting rubix cube. This is the first t-shirt Cisco was ever seen wearing in "The Man Under the Hood".
  • Events from a number of previous episodes appear when Cisco is looking back on his time as part of Team Flash.
  • Cisco gives Caitlin a copy of the "Keep Calm and Han Shot First" shirt he wore on his first day at S.T.A.R. Labs, which was seen in the flashback sequences in "The Sound and the Fury".
  • At the end of the episode, the team sings Lady Gaga's "Poker Face", the song used to wake Barry from his coma in the "Pilot".
  • Cisco gets hired for A.R.G.U.S.'s tech division thanks to recommendations from both John Diggle and Lyla Michaels.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Kamilla Hwang's name was misspelt as "Kamila".
  • Though it is a major plot point, modern blimps do not use hydrogen; helium has been used since the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. Why a blimp with cutting-edge technology, including stealth, would use such an antiquated form of elevation (or a far more dangerous gas than its contemporary counterparts/other blimps) is unexplained.
  • Mecha-Vibe addresses the Flash as "Barry" in front of Carrie, yet no one makes any notice of this; even though Barry pointed out to Felicity that she'd just revealed his secret identity to a supervillain when she referred to him by name in front of Malcolm Merlyn after Barry helped them (as the Flash) in the Arrow episode, "My Name Is Oliver Queen". This also happened in "Legends of Yesterday", when Barry saved Kendra Saunders and Cisco from Vandal Savage; with Cisco calling Barry (as the Flash) by name in front of Kendra, with Team Flash then letting her in on their secret.
  • In Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Rosa Dillon aka "Top" can be seen on two different pages, while she should be on one page, similar to all the other criminals/meta-humans pictured in the binder.