Gor is an underling of General Astra and a member of her and Non's army.


Confronting Hellgrammite

Gor and Mur tracked down and confronted Hellgrammite in a warehouse for stealing DDT, thus making himself known to the D.E.O.. The Hellgrammite protested that he had to eat, to which Gor reminded him that Astra promised to take care of his needs in exchange for loyalty. When the Hellgrammite remained disinclined, Gor informed him that he could tell Astra personally, with the General arriving directly after to demand the Hellgramite's aid.[1]


Gor, Mur, and Astra then confronted Supergirl and he helped Astra fight her, although she escaped.[2] Later, Gor helped Non and several other Fort Rozz escapees invade Lord Technologies, where he attempted to use his heat vision, only to be shot in the face with a goo-like substance by Maxwell Lord, who designed the weapon that fired it. It is unknown if he survived, since he is not seen in the following battle with the D.E.O. agents.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Gor's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of his physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a blue or yellow sun and metabolized into his body, he becomes able to perform various inhuman feats.[1]
    • Longevity: As a Kryptonian, Gor's life span is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages far slower.[1]
    • Solar energy absorption: Gor is able to absorb and metabolize solar energy from a blue or yellow sun.[1]
      • Super strength: Gor is far stronger than a normal human, as well as some aliens, when exposed to a blue or yellow sun.[1]
      • Super speed: Gor is able to move at super-sonic speeds, both through flight and on foot.[1]
      • Flight: Gor is able to fly and levitate by manipulating gravity to generate thrust.[1]
      • Invulnerability: Gor has nearly impenetrable flesh and bones, making him essentially immune to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting whenever they come in to contact with his skin. This allows him to take far more damage than a normal human and have a higher resistance to pain.[1]
      • Accelerated healing factor: Gor is able to heal and recover far faster than a normal human. His higher metabolism allows his body to process and burn calories far more faster than any other normal human, allowing him to not gain weight and remain physically healthy with little to no maintaining.[1]
      • Contaminant immunity: Gor has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth.[1]
      • Super hearing: Gor can hear perfectly from several miles and through structures.[1]
      • Super breath: Gor is able to exhale powerful gusts of wind from his mouth, as well as causing the temperature of his breath to drop below subzero cold, therefore allowing him to freeze nearly anything.[1]
      • X-ray vision: Gor is able to see through all solid objects, except for lead.[1]
      • Heat vision: By concentrating every solar energy reserve he has in his body, Gor can emit blue energy beams of variable intensity and temperature from his eyes.[1]
      • Telepathy immunity: Gor is immune to most forms of telepathic powers.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a former Kryptonian soldier, Gor is an expert in unarmed combat.[1]
  • Bilingual: Gor is capable of fluently speaking English and Kryptonese.[1]


  • Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, even while empowered, Gor is vulnerable to the exposure of Kryptonite, a radioactive mineral from his home planet Krypton. Depending on the nature of the said Kryptonite, it will cause a different adverse affect on him;[1]
    • Green Kryptonite: Green Kryptonite not only physically hurts Gor and weakens his physical attributes, leaving him vulnerable to weapons and anything in general that can kill a normal human, but if he is exposed to it for too long, it will kill him.
    • Red Kryptonite: If exposed to Red Kryptonite, it gradually destroys Gor's inhibitions and turns him into a corrupt version of himself. Left without morality, compassion, rationality, or any cares whatsoever, Gor will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, making him a danger to everyone around him.
    • Silver Kryptonite: If exposed to Silver Kryptonite, it will cause Gor to go in a deep and frightful hallucination where nothing from the outside world can stir him out of it until it leaves his system.
  • Lead: Even with his X-ray vision, Gor can not see through lead.
  • Red sun energy: Like all Kryptonians, exposure to the Red Sun will make Gor the equivalent of a human being on Earth.
  • Extreme energy: Extreme amounts of energy, can be enough to kill Gor.
  • Solar energy depletion: Using his powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain his solar energy to the point where Gor loses all of his powers and is rendered more human like for at least a day. This renders him as weak as a human, allowing Gor to get injured and killed as easy as killing a human.
  • Solar energy overload: If Gor absorbs too much solar energy, it will act as a poison and kill him.
  • High-frequencies: Although considered a strength, Gor's hearing does have its disadvantages. Since his hearing is more sensitive than a normal human's, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient him and cause pain in his ears, leaving him vulnerable in a fight. Therefore, enemies with sound-based powers, like Silver Banchee can potentially be powerful enough to cause Gor's ears to bleed.
  • Sound-dampening technology: The D.E.O. designed frequencies to block super-hearing and cause Gor slight pain when trying to use it in areas protected by the technology.



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