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"This isn't about me. This is about us, this team and how I can't keep working for your approval. I wanted to suit up and not think about you comparing me to Kate Kane for once, so I agreed to partner with the Crows, and for what? You sided with the guys who killed your old man. Your taste sucks, but you know what? I wear the suit, I take the bullets, so when I say I have a bad feeling about something, you two, listen!"
Ryan Wilder to Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton

"Gore on Canvas" is the fifth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 21, 2021.



Jacob Kane meets with Garrett Hall in the middle of the night to give Jacob information on the Napier painting, but Garrett is killed by Pike. Batwoman, who has snuck out for a moment from her time with Angelique Martin, saves Jacob from being killed by apprehending Pike and taking him somewhere to interrogate him later.

Ryan returns to Angelique who is making breakfast and listening to Vesper Fairchild as Vesper tells her listeners about Wolf Spider, an art thief. Angelique sees Ryan's Kryptonite wound and tells her to have it checked.

Jacob and Sophie Moore debate whether they should align themselves with Batwoman to get the location of Coryana. They decided to try to force information from Evan Blake first but they are not forthcoming when they use the fact that they are affiliated with the "Collective" to try to blackmail them. Sophie ultimately uses the Bat-Signal to summon the vigilante but Batwoman does not want to help the Crows.

The Bat Team debates the offer and Luke Fox convinces Ryan to create the alliance, citing that he has more of a reason to hate the organization than she does, but he is willing to forgo that if it means the return of Kate Kane. Batwoman watches as Sophie and Jacob interrogate Pike and learn that the Napier painting is a map to Coryana, before Pike commits suicide. The Crows learn that the painting will be at an illegal auction.



Meanwhile, Alice has learned the location of Ocean and goes to kill him; however, she decides that she wants to research him first. Not revealing her identity or intent, Alice drinks and flirts with the man until she asks of his origins, prompting him to leave. When Alice tries to sneak into his hotel room, Ocean takes her captive.

Later, the two discuss his connection to Safiyah Sohail when the Many Arms of Death arrive. The two fight the assassins and flee.

Ryan uses a batarang to pay the entrance fee to the auction, but she fails to pass Evan's test so they deny her entry until Angelique vouches for her. Angelique tells Ryan that she is there as a drug dealer, but Ryan refuses to reveal her reason for being there. Deciding that it would be easier to steal the painting and analyze it at the batcave, Ryan puts on the Batsuit to find Wolf Spider already there, stealing it. The two fight for the painting; the Kryptonite wound slows Batwoman.

Wolf Spider runs with the painting and two Crows in an SUV pursue them. To get the painting, they hit them with their vehicle and leave them for dead. Batwoman arrives with the Batmobile, discovers that Wolf Spider is Evan, and takes them to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic to heal. Ryan also decides that she is leader of the team and that she should no longer be compared to Kate; she then berates Luke for choosing the Crows over his own father.

Evan Blake

Evan Blake.

Analysis of the painting reveals it to be a forgery. At her secret clinic, Mary tells Evan that.

Sophie meets Batwoman and tells her that she has fired the two Crows for their misconduct, but Batwoman is not forgiving and wants Sophie to resign as well.

Alice and Ocean both have weird pains and memories as they talk and grow closer. As they flee from the hotel in a car, Ocean reveals that he has the real Napier painting.



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Art exposition

Riddler's hat and staff.

  • The Riddler's hat and staff can be seen at the art exhibition.
  • Caroline Dries admitted she would've loved to have explored the dark side of the Crows a bit more in the previous season, but it didn't feel possible with Kate Kane as the show's lead. "The problem I had in season 1 about the Crows was how to have a strong point of view on them because it was Kate's dad, and it was her love interest," says Dries. "And so it was hard for Kate to have a really strong anti-point of view to that. It just didn't feel organic while we were creating it.[1]


  • Ryan and Angelique spent the night getting "reacquainted" in Angelique's apartment but Angelique did not notice the big, green, glowing, infectious wound just above Ryan's breast until Ryan's robe slipped in the morning.
    • They could have had sex in the dark. Or Angelique was blindfolded. Neither of those would be particularly odd.