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"Okay, so... there are sentient, highly intelligent evolved gorillas in Earth-2. And they all live in a deep in the heart of Africa."
Jesse Wells on Gorilla City[src]

Gorilla City was a refuge in Africa for gorillas who were subjected to lab experiments, prior to the Earth's complete destruction.[1] Due to its social structure, its occupants were similar to Grodd.


At Some time on Earth-2, a refuge was created for gorillas who underwent lab experiments, to roam freely.[2]

Grodd's arrival[]

Grodd was brought to the refuge through a breach which Team Flash opened on Earth-1.[2]

A year later, Grodd took Harrison Wells hostage into Gorilla City.[3]

Grodd took Wells in order to lure in Team Flash to the city as he told them that Solovar wanted to invade the human world and even their Earth. He said that if Barry defeated Solovar then the gorillas won't follow him anymore and would instead follow Grodd. Barry faced Solovar in the arena in front of the entire city and managed to defeat him. Grodd became the new leader but he revealed that he was the one that wanted to invade Central City on their Earth. With the city seeing The Flash's power, they would be scared and motivated to fight against the humans. He wanted Cisco to open up a breach for them to cross. Team Flash managed to escape the city but Grodd had Gypsy with him to open a breach for him and his gorilla army.

Destruction of Earth-2[]

At some point in 2019, Gorilla City, along with the rest of Earth-2, was destroyed by a wave of antimatter, leaving Laurel Lance as the only known survivor and one of three survivors of Earth-2.[1] While under A.R.G.U.S. custody, Grodd was able to sense shifts in reality and the presence of a version of Gorilla City on Earth-Prime.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Gorilla City is located in Africa, though was originally located on the planet Calor, brought to Earth unknowingly by Green Lantern Hal Jordan.