"Grodd's getting smarter. He's lonely and sad. He wants more apes like him."
—Caitlin in the aftermath of her kidnapping
"Gorilla Warfare" is the seventh episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2015.


Grodd returns to Central City and kidnaps Caitlin. Barry and team race to find her before it's too late. Meanwhile, Cisco plans his first date with the new barista at Jitters, Kendra Saunders. Patty begins to suspect Barry is hiding something from her.[1]


After Barry's big fight with Zoom, Barry is unable to walk and need to use Earth-1 Harrison Wells' wheelchair. The team is talking about Barry's condition until Earth-2 Wells wants to go back home.

Patty gives him a call and Barry lies and says that she can't come see him because he likes canned chicken noodle soup.

Caitlin tries to convince Wells to stay until the team tells her he needs to leave.

When Caitlin mentions that Harry is lucky that Barry and Stein didn't close all the breaches. Harry then suggests that they close all but the one at Star Labs.

Cisco is on his date with Kendra Saunders and has a vibe about Hawkgirl. He then rushes off, leaving Kendra confused.

Later that night Gorilla Grood mind controls a scientists to steal drugs for his use. He then kills the scientist when the scientist is no longer under his mind control.

When the police are going through the crime scene, Patty tells Joe what she found. She then asks after Barry and learns from Joe that Barry had lied about liking canned soup. Joe heads to see Barry. Joe and Iris watch Barry run on the treadmill until Barry falls off and says that he can't get to his speed. Barry is doubting himself due to the people seeing him beat by Zoom.

Caitlin and Cisco are at the breach to Earth-2, Cisco says he has vibe about Hawkgirl, Caitlin thinks he silly. Cisco come up with being an angel until Caitlin falls under Grodd's Mind Control and punches Cisco.

Joe and Iris are talking about Barry at Star Labs when Patty calls Joe. Patty tells Joe that the recent drug cases are linked and that it was a Gorilla. Joe rushes Patty off the phone.

Cisco walks in the cortex and asks Barry if Caitlin walk through. Joe comes in screaming that Gorilla Grodd is back. Cisco states that Caitlin was being Mind Controlled.

Cisco then looks at the cameras and spots Grodd outside. They rush after him but he is nowhere to be found.

Harry, Cisco, Joe and Barry talk about Grodd in the cortex. Barry is still down on himself in the wheelchair as he doesn't have his speed. Joe tells him that his brain wasn't affected.

Caitlin wakes up and has no idea where she is. She then hears Grodd and is surprised when he mentions her name. He then approaches her and says that she was always kind. He tells her that he needs help and asks about how he became who he is. She then says that it was due to the dark matter explosion. He then tells her that she needs to repeat Grodd and that she must learn.

Barry is on the treadmill at Star Labs trying to get his speed. He powers it down when his dad shows up. Iris had brought him.

Harry comes up with an algorithm to find Grodd.

Henry and Barry are discussing how he must slow down to get where he wants to be. Cisco interrupts and they head to discuss what the plan is. Harry is to dress as the reverse flash and head to find Grodd. Barry is stuck behind with his dad and they discuss how his body is healed. Barry however is worried that the city didn't believe in him, to which Henry said he could relate.

Caitlin is talking to Grodd about making more of him. It was then that Harry, dressed as the reverse Flash, enters. He tells Grodd that he could let Caitlin go now that he is back. Grodd then realizes that its not his "father" and mind controls Caitlin. Cisco stops it and Harry is knocked out but he gets up and grabs the drugs. He approaches Grodd and talks like the other Wells before drugging him. Caitlin and Cisco rush out.

Harry is patched up by a thankful Caitlin. They talk about how to get rid of Grodd. Harry mentions how they should get Grodd to enter one of the breaches. Henry says that Flash will do it.

Caitlin then approaches Grodd and then the flash shows up and takes her away. He then tells Grodd that he has to catch him before he could have Caitlin. Cisco is by one of the breaches with Harry. The flash then shows up and Grodd pounces down at Flash. Barry has flashbacks to Zoom before Caitlin tells Grodd that he needs to trust her to give him a home. Getting Grodd into the circle, Barry speeds Caitlin out of the way so the breach could suck Grodd up. Henry tells Barry to conquer his fear to stop Grodd from getting free. He then speeds off and pushes Grodd into the breach. They then close it behind the gorilla.

Afterwards, Barry and the others try to destroy the reverse flash suit but not before figuring out how to shrink his suit into the ring. Harry offers to help.

Later at the West home, Barry is showing his father pictures of him growing up before he has to leave. Joe mentions Patty causing Henry to know about her. After Barry and Henry leave, Joe mentions wishing he had a son, before walking away.

Barry heads to his lab and finds Patty there. She is upset that he lied to her. He mentions his dad being in town but Patty tells him that she needs to know that she could trust him. He approaches her and they kiss.

Kendra is closing up at Jitters when she spots Cisco outside with a picnic basket as an apology. She likes it and he tells her about being a liaison to the CCPD and that was why he had rushed out on their last date. She ends up kissing him and he gets another vibe of her. This time it was because he saw her in a hawkgirl costume. When asked, he claims it was due to the kiss.

Grodd lands in a forest like area. He sniffs and walks and in the distance spots many gorilla statues.


  • The episode's title is a pun on "guerrilla warfare".
  • The CGI on Grodd has been updated to make him appear more 'realistic'.
  • The song playing towards the end of the episode is called "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.




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