Grodd led an army of super-intelligent gorillas to storm Earth-1. They were held as refugees in Gorilla City, prior to Earth-2's complete destruction via antimatter.[1]


During the leadership of Solovar, Grodd wanted to take revenge on the Flash for he sent him to Earth-2, but Solovar would allow Grodd to do so only if he was defeated by the Flash. After getting defeated by the Flash, Grodd took over his leadership and led an attack on Central City, though the attack failed when Team Flash, with the help of Solovar, defeated Grodd.[2]

Destruction of Earth-2

The gorilla army, alongside with every other citizen of Earth-2, with the exception of Shay Lamden, Linda Park, and Laurel Lance, was presumably vaporized after a wave of antimatter destroyed Earth-2.[1]

Known members

Former members

  • Solovar (presumably deceased)
  • Many super-intelligent gorillas (presumably deceased)
  • Grodd (currently on Earth-1)

Known allies

Former allies

Known enemies

Former enemies


The Flash

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Season 4

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Season 6


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