Gotham Central Hospital is a hospital located in Gotham City.


When Kara Danvers sneaked into Arkham Asylum by pretending that Caitlin Snow is a new patient transferred from Gotham Central Hospital, the nurse at the reception area believed Kara, confirming Gotham Central Hospital's existence.[1]

Known employees

Current employees

  • Dr. Danvers*


  1. When trying to sneak into Arkham, Kara brought in Killer Frost, mentioning that someone at Gotham Central Hospital named "Dr. Danvers" had recommended Arkham Asylum as a place to treat someone with her condition. However, given that "Danvers" is Kara's adopted name, it's possible that she simply gave that name to avoid having to make something up. It's also possible, since Kara herself isn't from Earth-1, that someone with that name (potentially a doppelgänger of a member of her adoptive family) may in fact work there.



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