"This is why nobody talks about Gotham, okay? City might as well be dead."
Oliver Queen to Barry Allen and Kara Danvers[src]

Gotham City, simply known as Gotham, is a major city in the United States. It is home to several important businesses and corporations such as Wayne Enterprises. It is mentioned to have a population of 1.6 million people, though, as only the one percenters bring the good part of city to them, is notorious for its hostile nature. Crime, corruption and poverty within Gotham are widespread to the point that it is considered as a sort of "ghost city" that nobody ever talks about.[1]



  • Wayne Enterprises: After Bruce Wayne left Gotham, his board of directors were presumably scammed by get-rich-quick deals, causing the company to go bankrupt. Bruce Wayne's cousin, Kate Kane, saw this opportunity to develop the building into a real estate development firm.[1] One of its subsidiaries is Wayne Tech.
  • GC Jitters: A coffee shop located in Gotham City.[2]


Arkham Asylum

The gates of Arkham Asylum.

  • Gotham Central Hospital: A hospital located in Gotham City.[1]
  • Arkham Asylum: A psychiatric asylum "for the criminally insane", Arkham Asylum is where criminals suffering from mental illnesses are incarcerated, presumably because most of the patients are considered to be very dangerous. Some patients admitted to the asylum are presumably meta-humans, as shown when Kara successfully sneaked inside when Caitlin Snow showed her cryogenic powers to a nurse, who then stated that there are others with cases similar to hers.[1]


Gotham City is widely notorious as a breeding ground of crime, especially when Batman mysteriously disappeared in around 2015. According to Kate Kane, Batman's absence made the residents of Gotham go through five different kinds of hell. This was evident when five men claiming to be from the Gotham Tourism Bureau tried to mug Oliver, Barry, and Kara. This is a result of the rampant poverty that affects almost all of Gotham's citizens, doing whatever they need to do in order to survive.[1]



Batwoman, Gotham's new vigilante.

Gotham is known to have registered the first case of vigilantism ever in the figure of Batman, a brutal individual who dressed like a bat, fought against evil, and struck terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. Although, his very existence has always sparked debate, with many arguing that he was created by the Gotham City Police Department to instill fear in criminals. The mysterious figure, however, disappeared sometime around 2015 and since then, the equally mysterious Batwoman has taken his place. She alone takes on crime, and more so especially since Batman left, as his absence brought out the worst criminals in the city. [1]


Bruce Wayne lived in Gotham until 2015. This is the same time that Batman had left.[1] After surviving the explosion on Lian Yu, Talia al Ghul went to Gotham to pay an old foe a visit which had her land in Slabside Prison.[3] Before Batman left Gotham, crime and corruption was way down when he was here and Gotham was very peaceful city. Since Batman's absence, anybody rarely visits Gotham due to the high crime rate and corruption.

Due to Batman's absence, Kate Kane became the new vigilante of Gotham City known as "Batwoman".[1]


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  • According to Kara Danvers, Gotham's population size is 1.6 million.[1]
  • When Batman disappeared sometime around 2015, this city became ripe with crime and corruption, eventually getting to the point where "nobody talks about Gotham." As Kate Kane put it, "When Batman left, the city went to five different kinds of hell; which, for Gotham, is really saying something."[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Gotham City is better known as the home of the hero Batman. Gotham City is located in the Northeastern United States, in close proximity to Metropolis, with the majority of DC comics references placing Gotham City specifically in New Jersey.
  • The filming of Gotham in Elseworlds​ takes place in Chicago.[4]
    • This was also the same location for Gotham City where Batman Begins and The Dark Knight was filmed.


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