Gotham City, simply known as Gotham, is a city located in the United States.


A man and his family moved from Gotham to National City, but after being narrowly saved by Superman from a drone attack, he vowed to move back to Gotham.[1]

Known residents

Current residents



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Gotham City is better known as the home of the hero Batman. Gotham City is located in the Northeastern United States, in close proximity to Metropolis, with the majority of DC comics references placing Gotham City specifically in New Jersey.
  • Similar to Earth-1, Bruce Wayne from this Earth lives in Gotham and operates as a vigilante.
    • It is currently unknown if Bruce's doppelgänger on Earth-1 and that Earth's version of Batman are one and the same, or if this Earth's Bruce Wayne is a counterpart of Batman.


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