Gotham City Arena is a sports stadium in Gotham City. It is home to the Gotham Goliaths football team.


Apollo Teslow exercised here when Batwoman approached him about his brother. Suddenly, Titan appeared, bested Batwoman in battle, and crippled Apollo.

Titan is killed.

On the night of May 17, 2020, the Crows Security and Batwoman recruited Dana Dewitt to interview former Gotham Goliaths' Coach Kurt Donahue as part of a plan to lure Tim "The Titan" Teslow from hiding. The plan was successful; however, Tim started killing Crows abruptly as he approached Kurt. Batwoman ran to Kurt and prevented his death by fighting the Titan. Just as Batwoman had calmed Tim enough to possibly surrender, Commander Kane betrayed Batwoman, ordering his men to kill both The Titan and her, albeit she managed to survive and escape.[1]



Season 1


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