The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) is the police department of Gotham City.


The Gotham City Police Department was founded in 1820. For over two centuries it served as the municipal police force of Gotham as well as the city's main security service.

When Batman first appeared in Gotham, Commissioner Loeb had come into contact with him and the two had a tense relationship.[1] Over time though, the GCPD began relying on the vigilante to the point to create the Bat-Signal.

Sometime between 2003 and 2004, when Crows Security was founded, it began to work along the GCPD.[2]

In 2013, Miguel Robles was a rookie cop of the GCPD and was on the case of the Detonator but he never managed to capture him.[3]

Following Lucius Fox's high profile murder in 2015, GCPD and the Crows both investigate the case, concluding the culprit was Reggie Harris and sending him on Blackgate Penitentiary despite the latter claiming to having been framed.[4]

At some point prior to 2018, Forbes was appointed police commissioner.[5]

On January 26, 2020, after Forbes' son Steven and mayor Michael Akins's son Bryan were kidnapped by Mouse, Forbes refused to turn back on the Bat-Signal and that very night a crowd gathered to protest outside the department building.[2]

GCPD investigated the case of the Serial Slasher and arrested her after Batwoman defeated her and left her tied up at a skincare line factory.[4] After Reggie Harris was released and assassinated in front of his house, GCPD investigate the crime scene and its detectives determined that it was the work of a professional hitman.[6] A week later, the Detonator apparently returned and started to target Gotham's alleged heroes, including GCPD Officer Wilcox who was forced to detonate one of the terrorist's bomb to save his own life; later, Kate Kane and Luke Fox managed to capture the culprit, former GCPD Officer turned Crows Agent Robles, handing him over to the police.[3]

After Hush began to kidnap members of Gotham's intelligentsia, the GCPD started investigating first and are later joined by the Crows. Later, the two organization joined forces to sedate a massive fire and prison break at Arkham Asylum, albeit many of the inmates managed to escape.[7]

The Crows and the GCPD worked together to search for Kate Kane after her private jet exploded over Gotham City.[8]

The GCPD arrived via helicopter in an attempt to capture Batwoman after the wounded hero fell onto a car from the fire escape of Angelique Martin's apartment, but Luke and Mary arrive and escape with Batwoman and the Batmobile before back-up arrived.[9]

Police Commissioner Forbes is killed by the False Face Society.[10]

After Batwoman declares war on Black Mask for the Snakebite epidemic in Gotham, Dana Dewitt compares the hero's crusade to the lack of effort shown by the Crows and the police.[11]

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