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Gotham General Hospital is an hospital located in Gotham City known for its world-renowned Neurology department.[1]


On May 29, 1995, Jada Jet came into Gotham General Hospital suffering from a cyst in her ovary. She paid Dr. Anthony Quadracci $2 million for her emergency surgery. A day later, Jada gave birth to a daughter, Ryan Wilder. Dr. Quadracci inserted a fake name, Nia A. Wilder, on her death certificate, while also signing Ryan's birth certificate.[2]

In 2020, after Mouse was caught and wounded in a battle with Kate Kane, he was placed in ICU at Gotham General with a six person team to monitor him, until he was sneaked out of it and captured by his father.[3]

Sometime in early 2021, Ryan Wilder and Angelique Martin went to the hospital in order to seek medical attention for Ryan's Kryptonite wound, as it was gradually getting worse.[4]

After being shot by Russell Tavaroff, Luke Fox was rushed to the hospital and fell into a coma. Wolf Spider then ziplined into the hospital room where Luke was being treated and administered the Desert Rose cure to him.[5]

Sometime later, John Diggle made an appointment at the hospital to check out his headaches.[1]

After suffering from debilitating headaches while searching for August Heart, John mentioned that the doctors at Gotham General would have noticed something was wrong with him.[6]

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