Gotham Pride Real Estate is a real estate development firm and subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises.


After returning to Gotham, Kate Kane founded Gotham Pride as a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises in order to help the city's poorest communities by renovating buildings and selling or renting them out at lower prices.

The firm's first acquisition was an abandoned bank across the street from Alessandro's, which Kate converted into a gay bar, The Hold Up.[1][2]

Parker Torres drives past here daily, causing her to be able to identify Kate when she was unmasked in front of her.[1]

Sometime after, Gotham Pride bought and renovated an apartment building. Kate took residence in one of the penthouses.[3]

Gotham Pride bought a property near Bennett Park, located in one of the richest neighborhoods in Gotham. The building was renovated and rented out at an affordable price.[4]

As Kate sat at a desk, Mary Hamilton heard a land-line phone ring. When Kate answered it, she said that she represented Gotham Pride; it was Gina telling her that Parker Torres had been abducted.[5]



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