Gotham University is a university located in Gotham City.


As a well-known and respected institute in the city, Gotham University received many donations from various philanthropists, including Catherine Hamilton-Kane. At some point, Dr. Ethan Campbell started to teach here.

As of 2018, Mary Hamilton attended Gotham University as a medical student. Unbeknownst to the university, she made use of their funds to operate her own personal but also illegal clinic.[1]

Certain staff of Gotham University submitted falsified brain scans for Tim Teslow during his time as an athlete. Coach Kurt Donahue retired before the scandal broke.[2]

Beth Kane was spotted by Mary while entering Gotham University.[3]

An armed Tommy Elliot broke into the Gotham University Library and went on a massacre, shooting anyone who spoke to him. He approached Professor John Carr, who was reading and writing at the library, and kidnapped him at gunpoint.[4]

M. Darby, a geology professor at the university, was accosted in his office by Alice, regarding Kryptonite. After telling her all he knew, Darby was murdered by Alice before she left.[2]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Gotham University was the main institution for higher education and research on Gotham City.


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