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Gotham University is a university located in Gotham City.


Pamela Isley and Renee Montoya studied at Gotham University, studying botany and criminal law respectively. Eventually, they started a romantic relationship. Pamela had a rivalry with one of her classmates, Marc LeGrand. At some point, LeGrand used Pamela as a test subject for his experiments. She survived the experimentation and became Poison Ivy. This made her relationship with Renee end.[1]

As a well-known and respected institute in the city, Gotham University received many donations from various philanthropists, including Catherine Hamilton-Kane. At some point, Dr. Ethan Campbell started to teach here.[2]

At some point, student volunteers from the University helped in the search for Beth Kane; they came across the house of Candice Long, asking questions, not knowing that Ryan Wilder was a hostage inside.[3]

As of 2018, Mary Hamilton attended Gotham University as a medical student. Unbeknownst to the university, she made use of their funds to operate her own personal but also illegal clinic.[2]

Certain staff of Gotham University submitted falsified brain scans for Tim Teslow during his time as an athlete. Coach Kurt Donahue retired before the scandal broke.[4]

Beth Kane was spotted by Mary while entering the Gotham University dorms, as on her Earth that building was where her apartment was located. And thinking that this was the "Beth" of her own Earth, May promptly summoned the Crows to the university so they could apprehend whom she thought was a "brunette Alice".[5]

An armed Tommy Elliot broke into the Gotham University Library and went on a massacre, shooting anyone who spoke to him. He approached Professor John Carr, who was reading and writing at the library, and kidnapped him at gunpoint.[6]

M. Darby, a geology professor at the university, was accosted in his office by Alice, regarding Kryptonite. After telling her all he knew, Darby was murdered by Alice before she left.[4]

During Mary Hamilton's graduation, the new Mad Hatter used his hat and mind controlled Mary to slowly de-organ and kill Dr. Hall. Sophie Moore assists Mary with fixing the brain control on herself, by utilizing a defibrillator to cause heart failure in Dr. Hall, and afterward resurrect him. Eventually, Hatter was stabbed by Alice and imprisoned in Arkham.[7]

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  • In the DC comics, the Gotham University is the main institution for higher education and research on Gotham City.