An unnamed man (died May 4, 2017)[1] was the husband of a late unnamed woman, the father of Grace Gibbons, and the brother-in-law of the late Orlin Dwyer.


Early life

At some point, the man got married and in 2008, he and his wife had a daughter, Grace Gibbons.[2]


On May 4, 2017, the man and his family visited Gold City Bank. As the man inserted his card into an ATM, the machine suddenly exploded (having been charged with energy just moments before by Vickie Bolen), killing him and his wife.[1][3]


After the man and his wife's deaths, Grace was placed in the care of her uncle, Orlin Dwyer.[4]

The Central City Police Department ruled the couple's demise as a meta-human attack due to the unusual circumstances, but the incident was left unreported at the behest of Mayor Anthony Bellows. As a result, Vickie Bolen remained unaware of her accidental deed.[1]

The man and his wife's murders were one of the main catalysts for Grace's vendetta against meta-humans.


The Flash

Season 5


Behind the scenes

  • At the end of "Time Bomb", he was credited as "Man".


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