"Ah! Who's Winn? The name is Grady. I tickle the keys around here."

Grady was a pianist at Cutter Moran's club in the Music Meister's movie musical reality. He is the dream world counterpart of Winn Schott. He ceased to exist when Barry and Kara woke up and were free from the dream world.


Grady was called by Cutter to get Barry and Kara ready to perform a new number for his club. Kara was stunned to see that he looked so much like Winn though he had no idea who she was talking about. He then warned them to not get on the bad side of Cutter as he got his nickname because he liked to cut people. He was then part of the Music Meister's performance of Put a Little Love in Your Heart

When Barry and Kara were trying to find out what else they had to do to leave this world, Grady arrived to help them rehearse for their final performance of Super Friend.


The Flash

Season 3

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