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"You're not the Green Arrow. You're just a punk in a Halloween costume."
"Funny, I was gonna say the same thing about you."
—Grant Wilson and Connor Hawke[src]

Grant Wilson is the son of Slade Wilson. In 2031, he took up the mantle of Deathstroke, conquered Star City, and left much of it in ruin.

In 2046, Grant was ultimately defeated and captured by Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke, who effectively removed him as the ruler of Star City.


Becoming Deathstroke

Around 2031, Grant adopted the alias of his father, as well as a similar outfit and became Deathstroke, gathering an army with which he invaded Star City during an event known as the Uprising. During the subsequent war, he and his forces killed the majority of Team Arrow, including John Diggle and Quentin Lance, prompting Felicity Smoak to leave the city. He then gained control over all of Star City. He also outed Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow, forcing him to go into hiding, but not before Grant cut off Oliver's left arm in a climactic battle in the middle of the city. Many of its residents were forced to flee or evacuate, and those that stayed formed roving street gangs that all followed Grant's command. Though he reigned supreme, Grant continued hunting the streets for the elusive Green Arrow, who continued to evade capture and opposed Grant's forces through guerrilla warfare tactics.

End of rule on Star City

15 years later, Grant cornered Connor, Sara Lance and Rip Hunter in an alley after the group incapacitated some of his men, whereupon he took off his mask, revealing his identity to be that of Slade Wilson's son, after Sara referred to him by his father's name. After realizing who Sara was, Grant told her he was going to enjoy killing her; all of them will; and called for more of his troops to surround them, but Rip Hunter and Sara were saved by Green Arrow and the trio managed to escape. 

Grant confronts Mick.

Grant then sent out a city-wide command to the street gangs under his control, ordering them to scour Star City for his adversaries. When ordering one street gang their leader, Mick Rory, refused to listen but Grant simply reminded Mick that he may control the gang but he (Grant) controls the city, and ordered everyone present to the streets. Sarcastically mocking Mick on his way out. His forces later captured Connor while he was aiding Rip's team in an abandoned Smoak Technologies warehouse, and Grant prepared a public execution for his nemesis. At the last moment, Connor was saved by the combined forces of Rip's team and Oliver Queen, whom Grant had believed to be dead. While his forces were scattered, killed or defeated during the battle, Grant was struck by two arrows from Oliver and Connor, before being punched in the head by Oliver's robotic arm, knocking him out.[1]


Grant is extremely intelligent and calculating, enough to take over Star City and kill most of the members of Team Arrow, despite this - or perhaps because of this - Grant is also arrogant, overconfident, and boastful, he displays immense pride in his accomplishments, a trait that sometimes causes him to underestimate his opponents. He has also been seen as somewhat unstable; this aspect of Grant is perhaps best exemplified when he commands Mick Rory's men to scour the city in an attempt to find Sara Lance and Rip Hunter.

Grant is willing to resort to "dirty" fighting tactics in order to win, as is especially evident when he takes on Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke in combat.

Grant had great respect for his father, Slade Wilson and believed that he is continuing his legacy as Deathstroke. Hearing his father's name for the first time in many years brought a smile to his face.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Much like Earth-1 Slade (pre-mirakuru), Grant is in top physical condition and has expert reflexes. He can go head-on against an elderly Oliver Queen in combat and was even able to cut an arrow fired at him by Oliver in mid-air.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Grant was a highly proficient hand-to-hand combatant, having been able to defeat an elderly Oliver Queen, although it must be noted Oliver wasn't fighting at full focus due to the deaths of his friends, in single combat, in their last fight Grant was able to duel him equally before getting pushed back until Oliver gave his bow to Connor, but Grant was unable to defeat Oliver quick enough to not be restrained by Connor Hawke for Oliver to knock him out. Nevertheless, Grant was still a better fighter than Connor, overpowering him in their fight and would have killed him had Oliver not distracted him. Grant is proven to have a fighting style similar to his father's. He uses Escrima, Karate and Muay Thai as his primary fighting style, but it can be assumed that he knows other martial arts as well.
  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader: Grant was able to conquer Star City in a potential future timeline and single-handedly ruled the city with an army of masked followers. He also controlled the various street gangs that roved the city.
  • Master swordsman: Grant is a master swordsman, being able to overpower Connor and take on Oliver using his bow before defeating him when he deprived himself of the weapon.


  • Sword: Grant wields a sword similar in appearance to a katana. It serves as his primary weapon of choice and appears to be similar to - if not the same sword as - the one that his father used during his time as Deathstroke.
  • Sidearm: Grant carries a handgun holstered on his right leg.
  • Combat knife: Grant carries a knife on his boot.
  • Deathstroke suit: Grant wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Deathstroke. The suit is almost completely identical to the one worn by the first Deathstroke, Grant's father, Slade Wilson. It is a personal suit of body armor custom tailored to his needs. It is predominantly black, however adds black protective plates, composite fiberglass, these overlap his feet, shin, forearm, chest and shoulders. The costume also has silver details in all joints. Orange straps and pouches also decorate the suit. There are various equipment pockets and pouches. The costume also has a support for grenades and ammunition, along with a sheath for the sword on his back.
  • Deathstroke mask: Grant's mask is visually almost the same as his father's mask, with the only key differences being the inclusion of two eye holes and the mask being half-black and half-silver, rather than half-black and half-orange.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


  • Slade Wilson has three children in the comic book continuity: Grant, Joseph, and Rose. Rose is the only Wilson child who has yet to be referenced in the Arrowverse. However, Isabel Rochev appears to have filled her place as she has donned the villainous alter-ego of Ravager, Rose's identity in the comics.
  • Grant appears to idolize his father in keeping with his first appearance in DC Comics continuity. Notably, the comic book version of Grant idolized Deathstroke without knowing that the mercenary was his father.
  • Grant dismembered Oliver Queen's arm sometime before 2046 on this Earth. This is a nod to Superman dismembering Oliver's arm in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Earth-31 storyline from DC Comics.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics continuity, Grant Wilson is the oldest child of Slade Wilson and Adeline Kane. In the Arrowverse, he is Slade and Adeline's youngest son, kept by his mother as a secret so he wouldn't become like his father and older brother, making him more like Joe's counterpart in the DC comics.
  • Also in the DC comics continuity, Grant adopts the name Ravager during his first appearance and attempts to kill the Teen Titans after being contracted by H.I.V.E.. His other identity is "Legacy", wearing a suit similar to the one shown in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.