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For the cancelled project, see Green Arrow and the Canaries.
"To the Green Arrow."
"To the Canaries."
"To the future, whatever it holds."
Laurel Lance, Mia Queen, and Dinah Drake toasting to their futures

"Green Arrow & The Canaries" is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixty-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 21, 2020.



Bianca Bertinelli

Bianca Bertinelli

It's the year 2040. A motorbike races through the boulevards of Star City while somewhere else, there's a gathering going on at a club. The individual on the bike is Laurel and she moves toward a young lady named Bianca Bertinelli, revealing to her that her life is in harm's way and she needs to accompany her. Bianca won't and before long she is taken by huge goons.

Mia awakens at the Queen Mansion in bed close to JJ. She's set to graduate from school that day and JJ proposes to her as his blessing. She says yes. Somewhere else Laurel finds Dinah at a bar that she reveals she now owns. They go to Dinah's place to chat where Dinah reveals that after Oliver's funeral, she woke up in 2040 with no trace of Dinah or the Black Canary having ever existed. Dinah considered it to be a chance to begin once again and Laurel educates her that Bianca - who is Helena Bertinelli's daughter - has been kidnapped. She also shows Dinah what happens to Star City in a year therefore and the pair choose to go get Mia.

William and Zoe appear and greet Mia. Connor arrives and talks with JJ however Mia has issues with him. Laurel and Dinah appear and quickly interrogate Bianca's ex; then they talk with Mia who doesn't know them. Laurel at that point utilizes a gadget to reestablish the entirety of Mia's memories of the past timeline and Mia faints.

When she comes to, she battles to accommodate her present existence with the truth she knew previously and she at that point goes to talk with Dinah and Laurel. Dinah and Laurel update her about Bianca and request her assistance, yet Mia at first says she can't do it. Laurel refutes her. Mia consents to help this one time. Mia goes to visit the Bertinellis, talking about Bianca and knocking over a glass of wine as an distraction so Dinah and Laurel can bug the building.

Black Canary (Dinah Drake)

A time-displaced Dinah Drake

Dinah feels that she should be a saint since this new world is a better place without her in it. Laurel attempts to give her a motivational speech. Mia appears and says that Bianca's companions knew nothing about the circumstance; however, the bugs at the Bertinelli's pick up something suspicious. Laurel gives Mia her Green Arrow suit, yet Mia doesn't have any desire to wear it. They head out, stopping the Bertinelli vehicle while Mia goes to save Bianca. Mia winds up battling one of the goons yet what they're moving isn't Bianca. It's some kind of chemical - and Deathstroke is likewise there, overcoming the ladies.

Laurel believes that JJ may be the Deathstroke. Dinah concurs it is conceivable. Mia opposes that thought and Laurel advises her to demonstrate JJ isn't Deathstroke. They head to a workmanship opening at JJ's exhibition. Laurel attempts to get into the office area and fails, however Mia is let in where she utilizes a gadget to get the data from JJ's PC. JJ discovers her and Mia challenges him over Bianca. She lets him know that he has nothing to hide, he should show her the records and he does. It turns he was arranging an surprise honeymoon trip - and Bianca is evidently posting on social media.

As the trio questions, Mia and Laurel contend with Mia concluding that she's finished with them. She returns home, however things get worse with JJ. He gets down on her about her peculiar conduct and says a final farewell to her. At Dinah's, they break the encryption on the video of Bianca and she is not actually on vacation. Laurel goes to visit Mia at home. She ends up taking Laurel's advice to heart and Mia uncovers her battle in living up to the legacy of her dad. Dinah discloses to her she needed Mia to have the decision to be a saint. Mia decides to join Dinah and Laurel.

They make sense of where Bianca is being held and Mia gets ready as the Green Arrow. They break in and find that her ex Trevor has her and he is Deathstroke. He brings in his men and a battle follows. There are too many of the men so the ladies move to escape with Bianca. They go head to head with Deathstroke once more, who says that they can't stop what's coming since "she" won't let them. Deathstroke explodes the structure, yet the women escape.

Black Canary (Earth-2)

A time-displaced Laurel Lance

Ultimately, Dinah chooses to begin protecting the city again. Afterward, Mia goes to talk with JJ and they reunite. Laurel chooses to stay in 2040 and she and Dinah talk, uncovering that there's something else entirely to be stressed over. Things being what they are, when Star City falls later on, Mia is at its focal point. They trust they've changed that future.

Mia and William visit the sculpture commemorating their dad and talk. He additionally has the stone that Felicity gave him in the past course of events. Mia takes a look at it and sees the markings on it are the same as Trevor's tattoo. The pair are then tranquilised and William is taken. Somewhere else, somebody assaults JJ and restores his memories from before Crisis.



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  • This is the lowest rated episode of Season 8 with a rating of 6.9 on IMDb.
  • This is the first and only episode of the series to not feature Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen). However, he still appears via archive footage.
    • This leaves no cast members to appear in every episode of Arrow.
    • This absence is due to his deal that allowed him to appear in nine Season 8 episodes.[1]
  • The real reason the backdoor pilot for the proposed Green Arrow and the Canaries series (which was never picked up by The CW)[2] was created is because Marc Guggenheim was asked by the network to make an additional episode to bridge the gap between the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover episode and Arrow's series finale, "Fadeout", and also bring the episode order for Season 8 from nine to ten.[1]
  • The original title "Livin' In the Future" would've been the second Season 8 episode, and eighth penultimate episode to be named after a Bruce Springsteen song before it was changed at the request of Warner Bros.[3]
    • This title is mentioned by Laurel in the episode.
  • This is the last episode of the series to feature series regulars Ben Lewis (William Clayton) and Joseph David-Jones (Connor Hawke).
    • Ben Lewis still appears via archive footage in the series finale, "Fadeout".
  • This episode marked the final appearance of any incarnation of Deathstroke in the series.
  • This is the first episode of Arrow that is set on Earth-Prime. The series was originally set on Earth-1 for 7 seasons and the first 8 episodes of Season 8 before it was destroyed in the Crisis at the end in Part 3 of the crossover event.