"I said, who are you?"
"You're wearing his hood. You should know.
Mia Queen and John Byrne[src]

The Green Arrow suit is a protective suit that Mia Queen wears as the vigilante archer known as Green Arrow.


In 2040s, Mia received this suit from the Canaries to save Bianca Bertinelli and become the new Green Arrow.[1]



  • Identity concealment: Mia Queen uses a green mask to conceal her identity; to keep her friends and families safe from harm.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar; to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.

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Season 8

Behind the scenes

  • In an Instagram Live with TV Guide, Katherine McNamara stated that the design of Mia's Green Arrow mask[2] is based off of Oliver Queen's mask from Arrow and Oliver Queen's mask from the DC Comics, as she wanted to change the design to give Mia a mask that was different from the mask of her late father.[3]


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