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For the previous versions of suits used by Oliver, see The Arrow suits.

"This might be a good time to tell you that Cisco worked up a little something before he knew you were leaving. A new suit."
"We're not staying long enough for a new suit."
Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen[src]

The Green Arrow suits were a series of protective suits that Oliver Queen wore as the vigilante archer known as Green Arrow. The first one was created by Cisco Ramon following the confiscation and destruction of his previous suit.[1]


First suit[]

After Oliver's previous suit was taken by the police and destroyed, Cisco Ramon opted to create a new one for him. This suit was similar to his old one, but was more advanced and had a lighter green color scheme, and, unlike the previous suit, this one doesn't have any sleeves.

However, Oliver retired from vigilantism before he could be presented with it and it sat in the team's base of operations for several months.[1]

After Oliver returned to Star City to help take down the "ghosts", he eventually chose to take back up vigilantism, but instead as a symbol of hope and inspiration; unlike previously as the Arrow, this time as Green Arrow, donning the new suit to do so.[1]

Malcolm Merlyn borrowed the suit from Oliver when he participated in the rescue mission of Oliver, Thea Queen, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle from Damien Darhk's headquarters. He wore it instead of his League uniform so that Darhk wouldn't discover Oliver's identity.[2]

Second and third suit[]

Sometime after the disbandment of Team Arrow, Oliver made upgrades to the suit, with it being the same design and color but he added sleeves to it.[3]

After the Dominators kidnapped Oliver, the status of the suit remained unknown. However, after Oliver escaped, he got himself a new suit of the same kind in the fabrication room of the Waverider.[4]

Fourth suit[]

The origins of this suit is unknown. It was used by Emiko Adachi until her death and was a copy of Oliver's except with a full face mask to better conceal her identity.

Fifth suit[]

When Oliver arrived on Earth-2 he copied the resident Hood's suit because he needed an identity to work under and it was convenient. It looks like a hybrid design of his second/third suit and one of his original Arrow suits.

Altered reality[]

In a rewritten reality created by John Deegan using Book of Destiny, Barry Allen was the Green Arrow, and had his own Green Arrow suit, which looks exactly the same as Oliver's second and third suit.


When Oliver's original suit was destroyed by the police, Cisco made Oliver a new one. Oliver started using it in October 2015, after he returned to fight against H.I.V.E..[1] Malcolm Merlyn briefly used it Christmas, to hide Oliver's identity, when John, Felicity and Thea were kidnapped by Damien Darhk.[2] Oliver continued to use his suit after that.

After Oliver defeated Werner Zytle once again in 2016, he added sleeves to his suit.[3]

When Dominators kidnapped Oliver and others, his suit was lost in Dominators' mothership and he got a new one in the fabrication room of the Waverider.[4]

When Oliver was outed by Ricardo Diaz,[5] he gave his identity and suit to John Diggle,[6] who used it until the revelation of his nerve damage and Oliver started using his suit again.[7]

Oliver gave Diggle another copy of his suit before their fight against Diaz, who kept it after Oliver's arrest by FBI.[8] The location of Oliver's suit is unknown.

During Oliver's trial, Christopher Chance used a Green Arrow suit, while he disguised himself as Tommy Merlyn.[9]

Emiko Adachi started wearing her own version of Oliver's suit after Oliver's arrest[10] and wore it to hide her identity and later to frame Oliver and destroy his legacy.[11] Meanwhile, Oliver started to wear the suit he gave to Diggle, this time without the mask,[12] and wore it until his retirement.[13]

Nate Heywood also wear a Green Arrow costume, to get the public to attend Heyworld.[14]

After Mar Novu tasked Oliver to find dwarf star particles in Earth-2, he started wearing suit that was designed as the suit of Adrian Chase of Earth-2, in his vigilante persona as "The Hood".[15] Oliver wore this suit after that, until his death in Crisis.[16] After that, his suit was destroyed by a wave of antimatter in the Waverider.



  • Identity concealment: Oliver used a green mask to conceal his identity; to keep his friends and families safe from harm.
  • High-density kevlar armor: The suit is composed of a kevlar-based material with a leather appearance. Its durability is proven to be dense enough to take one of Jeremy Tell's projectile cards to the chest, albeit the cards did manage the penetrate the suit's armor, though not enough to injure Oliver.[17] The armor was later upgraded, now being able to protect Oliver from gunshots at point-blank range, as well as from impacts that would otherwise be severe and possibly fatal. It is also proven to even resist arrows, extreme heat and even blows from Overgirl herself.
  • Equipment holsters: Lining the suit's shoulders straps are several miniature canisters that all contain different agents for numerous situations. The only canisters seen so far are one that contains an aerosol agent that can freeze explosives, one that emits a short-range flashbang, one that contains an automatic lockpick, and one that receives LED messages from the Bunker while on stealth missions.
  • Quiver: The back of the suit holds on an enhanced version of quiver from the Arrow suit. Like the past iterations, this quiver can be detached from the suit and be used separately with no restrictions. However, unlike past iterations, the quiver is used with two shoulder straps than rather just one across the torso. It seems to be composed of a metallic substance and can hold several more arrows than before, though the exact maximum is unknown.
  • Wrist computer: After the disbandment of Team Arrow, several minor upgrades were made to the Green Arrow suit. One upgrade, in particular, is a computer screen located on the left wrist. The computer seems to be connected to the Arrowcave computers, as it was able to retrieve GPS tracking signals from Overwatch and seems to be used by Green Arrow as a form of guidance while on the streets. It can also be used to access security camera footage, extend out a micro-cam from the wristband to see underneath doorways and be loaded with wireless data packages so that Overwatch can connect to databases that are off the grid.[18]
    • Data scanner: Later in his final battle with Diaz, Felicity adjusted the mini-computer to allow Oliver to clone the data contents on Diaz's USB which reveal all of Diaz's payroll and gave it to the FBI so they can take down his criminals empire.
  • Tether: Located underneath the quiver is a tether that can extend and hook onto other objects, which is useful when carrying cargo or others while in the air. Green Arrow used the quiver to hook onto a subway driver and Artemis, saving them from a subway crash with a parachute arrow.[18]
  • Kevlar sleeves: Oliver added kevlar sleeves; to prevent being cut or sliced on his arms.

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  • The way the suit was constructed could be the improvements that Cisco mentioned when he presented Oliver with a new Arrow suit.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The first suit is similar to Oliver Queen's Green Arrow suit from the New 52 continuity.
  • Barry Allen noticed that the suit never had any sleeves, he asked if Oliver ever got cold, to which he replied: "I spent five years on an island in the North China Sea, I don't get cold Barry". This is ironic considering Stephen Amell has said that he gets cold while shooting at nights because of the sleeves, or lack thereof. The suit was later upgraded to be given sleeves after season 4.
  • As a part of the DC comics Rebirth relaunch, the design of the suit in the comics was changed to resemble the show's.