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"You didn't stop to think about what your particle accelerator could do to others. You only thought about what it could do for you."
—Griffin Grey to Harry Wells[src]

Griffin Grey (1997– April 26, 2016) was a meta-human who had super strength, but using said strength left him with accelerated aging. Enraged at the actions of "Dr. Harrison Wells," who allowed the particle accelerator explosion to affect so many innocent people like himself, Griffin kidnapped a Harrison Wells from an alternate universe, not realizing the man's innocence of the misdeeds of Earth-1's "Wells."


Particle accelerator explosion[]

Griffin was 16 when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, and he was given super strength by the blast. As fun as it was for a while, he soon found that the using his powers dangerously accelerate his body’s rate of physical age.[1] He was middle-aged by the time he was chronically 18 years old and reasoned that he only had months to live.

Seeking a cure[]

Griffin kidnapped Harry, took him to the Central City Amusement Park and tried to force him to change him back to his younger form and reverse the particle accelerator's actions. Even when Wells explained that he couldn't do it, Griffin threatened to kill him. Later, Griffin broke into Ace Chemical and when Barry Allen, Joe West and Cisco Ramon showed up, Griffin began throwing barrels at them, intent on driving them out. He threw a barrel at Barry and succeeded in hitting him, but then Barry horrifically watched him age much more than his previous form.[1]

Griffin later watched Wells work while he was working and him Griffin a drink that he told him was the cure. However, Griffin wised up to the trick, and then punched Wells. He then saw the Flash on the security monitors and walked down to meet him, also throwing a barrel at Joe. He then repetitively punched the Flash, while aging constantly to the point he died of old age. Following his death, Griffin reverted to his original young age, although by that time it was too late to save him.[1]


Although Harry was innocent of the Earth-1 "Wells's" misdeeds Griffin's tragic story prompted him to think about the dangers his own S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator brought upon the unsuspecting world, deciding that he owes the multiverse for pursuing in his recklessness, Harry decided to organize a recreation of the experiment that gave Barry Allen his powers of Speed Force conduit. Said experiment ended up successful, although it temporarily erased Barry from existence, trapping him inside the Speed Force.[2]

Powers and abilities[]


"So his genes have actually mutated. I ran the DNA from the blood sample Barry found, and the functional myostatin in his cells is essentially gone. I mean, giving him super-strength."
Jesse Wells[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After Griffin was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into beyond peak human condition.
    • Superhuman strength: Due to the functional myostatin in his cells being essentially gone, Griffin's overall physical strength became superhuman. He became strong enough to effortlessly crush rock and metal objects, as well as lift objects as large and heavy as metal barrels or bumper cars as if they were weightless, and throw them across the length of a warehouse.
    • Superhuman durability: Griffin was able to take the full force of a van, while he only left behind slight traces of blood.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Griffin manage to dodges an energy blast from Harry's energy rifle when it was fired by Barry. Later blocks a bullet fired by Joe by lifting a nearby car.
    • Superhuman agility: The effect on Griffin's strength allowed him to move faster and with greater coordination. This is seen when The Flash tried to shoot Griffin with the Mercury Labs energy rifle, only for the latter to quickly dodge the shot and tauntingly say, "Too slow".


"He's suffering from oxidated stress. It means the protein in the DNA in his body are being ravaged by oxidants."
Jesse Wells[src]
  • Accelerated aging: Griffin using his strength came at a cost that would physically age out his body. The more he exerted himself, the faster he aged, which was due to a combination of the protein in his DNA being ravaged by oxidants and his suffering from oxidative stress. This side effect had progressed so far that, while Griffin was chronologically 18, he physically progressed to his mid-30s after two years of living with his powers. Eventually, after repeatedly exerting himself, Griffin was transformed into an old man and he died of “unnatural” natural causes.


The Flash[]

Season 2[]


  • Despite the Meta-human cure being created later, they never reference Grey; who suffered greatly.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Griffin Grey was a former friend of Bart Allen, the fourth Flash, and later became his enemy; however, the key difference between the two incarnations of the character is that the Griffin portrayed in the comics had abilities beyond super strength and accelerated aging. He wielded a wide array of powers, including a disintegrating touch and energy absorption.