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"Grigori Rasputin. Monk, mystic— it is hard coming back to life. I think, what will make me happy? So I kill the man who killed me. But am I happy? Eh."
—Grigori Rasputin[src]

Grigori "Griggy" Rasputin (died 1916; January 4, 1917 - the temporal zone), also known as the Mad Monk, was a Russian mystic from 1916 restored to life by Astra Logue.


Early life

At some point, Grigori Rasputin became a known mystic in Russia.

Prior to 1916, the Rasputin healed Alexei Romanov, the son of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Romanova, of his disease. A turn of events caused Rasputin and Alexandra to fall for each other.[1]


Raputin's soul token.

Rasputin's influence over Alexandra was perceived as a threat by Yusupov, the nephew of Nicholas. As a result, Rasputin assassinated in late 1916. According to Nicholas, he was poisoned, shot, and thrown into a river.[1]

After Rasputin died, his soul was sent to Hell, where Neron obtained his soul token and kept it in a bank. Later, Astra Logue negotiated with a bank employee and obtained Rasputin's soul token, along with some others.[2]


Rasputin is resurrected.

Rasputin was resurrected by Astra as an encore on January 4, 1917, during his funeral. This caused a major temporal anomaly, which was perceived by the Legends, so they traveled until 1917 and found that Rasputin was resurrected. Rasputin then went to his mansion, where he killed Yusupov as revenge. He was approached by Kevin Harris and Nate Heywood, who said that they wanted to record a documentary about his history. As they talked, Rasputin realized that Nate had also been resurrected previously and hypnotized him to remind him of his life in the previous timeline.

Rasputin hypnotizes his servants.

During hypnosis, Rasputin was shot by Ava Sharpe, so he ordered his servants to kill her. Mick Rory tried the burn him using his Heat Gun but Rasputin controlled the fire of the weapon using his powers. Knowing that the mission had failed, the Legends withdrew but forgot Kevin Harris there. He invited the Romanov family to dinner. He poisoned the family cakes with cyanide to kill them and steal the throne and used Kevin to record his story. When the Romanov family arrived, he welcomed them. Grigori offered them the poisoned food but was stopped by Behrad Tarazi and Sara Lance. In anger, he hypnotized Behrad and his servants and ordered them to kill Sara. One of his servants announced the arrival of Anastasia Romanov, who was actually Ava Sharpe in disguise. Ava threw a knife at him but did no damage.

Rasputin's remains on the Waverider.

Then the other legends appeared and helped the Romanov family to escape. Rasputin hypnotized Mick, Nate and Wolfie and ordered them to kill the family. He was stopped by Sara Lance, who threw the small Atom inside him, which increased and destroyed his body. To keep his body from reforming, the Legends put his guts in several jars on the Waverider. Constantine later ingested his blood in order to perform a spell.[1]

Later, enraged by Rasputin's failure, Astra dragged him back into Hell.[3]

Powers and abilities


"I'm Grigori Rasputin, and I'm unkillable!"
—Grigori Rasputin[src]
  • Cheating death (limited): Even in his mortal life, Rasputin was notoriously hard to kill; he was able to survive various assassination attempts, including cyanide (a deadly poison) and several gunshots, before he drowned to death.[1]

Rasputin using his powers.

  • Magic: To an unknown degree since being resurrected Grigori is capable of doing some magic as he was able to stop the stream from Mick Rory's heat gun.[1]
    • Hypnotism: Grigori possessed a magical bauble that allowed him to hypnotize others into doing as he commanded them.


  • Bilingual: As a native Russian, Raputin speaks his mother tongue fluently in addition to English.


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Behind the scenes

  • Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (22 January [O.S. 9 January] 1869 – 30 December [O.S. 17 December] 1916) was a Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II, the last monarch of Russia, and gained considerable influence in late imperial Russia. Historians often suggest that Rasputin's terrible reputation helped discredit the tsarist government, and thus helped precipitate the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty, which happened a few weeks after he was assassinated. Accounts of his life and influence were often based on hearsay and rumor.