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"You're right. As long as I am with the woman who wears a mask, I'll always be wearing one myself."
Sophie Moore on her relationship with Batwoman

"Grinning From Ear to Ear" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on March 8, 2020.



Duela Dent prior to cutting her own face

Duela in 2011

In 2011, on the other side of a bathroom door, someone named Duela is being told to hurry up as it’s time to go. She sighs and tells herself to first apply her base and rub it all around. Then follow your hollow to shave off a few extra pounds. Then fine-line your lips to hide that off-putting frown. However, she stops midway through the application of her lipstick and stares at the mirror. To her horror, all she sees is someone ugly and in a bout of anger, she punches the mirror, and uses one of the shards to cut herself. The woman on the other side of the door, continues to yell out that they're going to be late, and eventually gets inside the bathroom. She screams in horror as she looks at the state of Duela’s face.

In the present, Sophie is grinning from ear to ear and checks her appearance on her phone as she grabs a drink. She runs into Mary, and says hi to her, and even goes as far as complimenting her boots, saying they look super cute. Mary is confused but thanks her and remarks on the other woman’s good mood.

Back at Wayne Tower, Kate asks Luke where her cowl is. He tells her that it’s in the shop since he’s giving it a bit of an upgrade. Kate asks Luke if it will be something like x-ray vision or echolocation. He says that the latter is a good idea, but neither is the correct answer right now unfortunately.

Later, Luke brings Kate back to reality by telling her that Batwoman can't have a girlfriend because the moment anyone knows she cares about Sophie, it puts a target on the female Crow agent. Which makes her a liability.

Meanwhile, Alice is having her nails done by one of her minions as she’s reading the day’s newspaper. She grows increasingly frustrated and angry that she is not front page news after her supposed death. Not to mention, that the reporter called her a mentally deranged leader and that all of this was a tiny little blurb below the fold of the newspaper. Later, one of the other members of her Wonderland gang comes to her, and shows her a surveillance picture of Dr. Ethan Campbell smoking on his pipe. She voices how that is not the face that haunts her nightmares, but she’d recognized that pipe anywhere, even in the dark.

At the Crows Security Headquarters, Jacob is meeting with a man who talks about how as a result of The Executioner's crimes, the corruption in the court system of Gotham City was exposed a few months back,[1] which in turn forced the re-opening of some of the D.A. 's old cases, and funnel them through a new judge by the name of Davis Wellington.

At Sophie's apartment, Batwoman comes to tell Sophie that they need to end things before they really begin. She tells her that people can't connect the two of them, because they could use Sophie against her. Sophie counters this by saying she can take care of herself, but Batwoman pleads for Sophie to let her walk away. Instead, Sophie kisses her and Batwoman kisses her back until they hear someone get into Sophie's apartment. Sophie goes to see who it is and finds out it's her mother dropping in for an unexpected visit.

Serial Slasher

Serial Slasher

Somewhere else in Gotham, a social media influencer is waiting to do a photo-shoot when the power is cut off, and the lights go out. Glass is heard shattering in the distance, and this female influencer asks if anyone is out there while using the flashlight on her cell phone to see better. Duela shows up and begins chasing after this female influencer, and eventually uses her box cutter on the female influencer.

The next day, Vesper reports on this incident, revealing the influencer to be Kimberly Wright, and calling what happened the night before a brutal face-slashing. She continues to say that GCPD now suspect this is the second case by a serial slashionista.

Luke tells Kate that Kimberly Wright described her attacker as a woman in her 20's who wore a hoodie and a surgical mask. Kate thinks that’s why the GCPD can't I.D. her. Interestingly enough, Luke mentions how neither of the victims had any stab wounds on their bodies. She went after their faces because that’s their brand and their business. Thus; Kate surmises that this was personal for Gotham's serial slasher.

Afterwards, Kate goes to see Mary at her clinic, and asks her if she's okay. She tells her step-sister that she barely knew Kimberly, but that the whole situation is still rather freaky. Without telling Kate she knows her secret identity, Mary tries to coax Kate into letting her help her. Kate on the other hand, thinks it's probably safest if she stays out of it. Mary nevertheless persists, and argues that her vast array of medical knowledge could come in handy in endless scenarios.

Sophie Moore's mother

Sophie Moore's mother

At Sophie's apartment, her mom asks her why Sophie didn't think to call her and she separated from her husband. She reveals to her mom that it was actually her that wanted to separate from Tyler because she fell out of love with him. Her mom asks for the real story, and not the lie Sophie is currently giving her. She admits that the reason she’s here is to check up on her after Jacob Kane gave her a call to inform her of Sophie's suspension from the Crows.

Sophie confesses to her mom that she wants to work at a place that more closely aligns with her values. She doesn't see eye to eye with the way Crows do things anymore, and admits that she wishes they were more like Batwoman. Sophie goes on to say that Batwoman is someone who represents all of Gotham (the poor, the rich and the in between) her mom, on the other hand, thinks Batwoman is a criminal who gets away with it. Sophie counters her by saying that she never seemed to have a problem with Batman and thought he was cute. When Sophie presses her mom on how Batman is any different than Batwoman, she tells her daughter that he represented values she actually believed in. Sophie deduces that the real reason for her mom picking Batman over Batwoman is because Batman isn't gay.

Meanwhile, Batwoman is using a car's window to check her appearance before she meets Sophie.

At Dr. Campbell’s office, he tells Sophie that he has never cut a smile onto a patient's face. Sophie ends up seeing a picture of Duela Kent, which makes her realize that maybe she’s not targeting copycats, but maybe she’s making copycats by inflicting her victims with the same scars she has. Sophie asks the plastic surgeon if he has ever treated anyone with that kind of scarring. Dr. Campbell reveals that 8 years ago, a teenage girl was brought to him with a psychiatric rap sheet as long as his arm. He goes on to say that she had the worst self-inflicted scars he had ever seen.

While on comms with Luke, Batwoman learns that Duela Dent was just released from a mental facility not too long ago. At Duela's house, Batwoman ends up finding the serial slasher's hit list. She hears some noise downstairs, and finds a trail of blood and a discarded cell phone. Batwoman soon sees Evelyn Dent tied up and with cuts on her face that resemble a grin. Batwoman tries to tell the woman that she's safe, while Evelyn tries to warn her that Duela is behind her. The other girl tries to land a hit on Batwoman, but misses. Instead, she slits her mom’s throat and gets away.

At Alice's hideout, Dr. Malone, whom she kidnapped, tells her that in his professional opinion, she is putting up a hard and tough exterior. But that in reality, she is still terrified of the man who kept her captive all those years ago. He suggests for Alice to make an emotional shield, essentially a third person who acts as a buffer between her and the abuser. Otherwise, once she comes in contact with her tormentor, he will find a way to gain power over her. Eventually, she has her goons take him outside to presumably kill him because he knows she's alive.

In Dr. Campbell's files, Alice finds a newspaper clipping of a complaint made by Duela, who says that a procedure was performed on her without her consent.

Meanwhile somewhere in Gotham, Mouse wakes up and asks his dad how much longer he will keep him in this hideout of his. His father says that it will be for as long as it takes until Jonathan comes to his senses. Mouse tells his dad that Alice will come to rescue him, but he taunts his son by revealing that Alice is dead.

Batwoman eventually asks Mary for help in identifying one of the girls' faces Duela circled on her yearbook. Mary tells her that person she’s looking for is named Veronica May. She changed her name from Myrtis Dinker and now runs a cosmetics line on a hot pink truck. Batwoman eventually finds the truck but the driver has had his face cut but no sign of Veronica. Sophie arrives at the scene shortly thereafter. However, the Crows soon arrive as well, and Batwoman takes her on her motorcycle to get away from them.

While hanging above a tub of acid, Veronica tells Duela she has made her point. She realizes she wasn't a great friend after the incident, but admits she was afraid of her. Duela asked her why, when she was finally happy. Veronica tells Duela that happy people don’t slice their faces open. Duela counters it by saying how it’s any different from shaving bone off their nose, slitting their eyelids open or stabbing needles into their lips. Duela tells Veronica that the only difference between the two of them is that she got famous while Duela was institutionalized. Eventually, Batwoman is able to save Veronica before she falls into the tub of acid.

Afterwards, Sophie tells Batwoman that Veronica just offered to share an Uber with her as thank you for rescuing her. She then tells Batwoman that it may sound crazy, but she felt like the two of them made a great team tonight. However, Batwoman asks Sophie just how she sees this all playing out. Then continues by saying how if she were to tell Sophie who she is behind the mask, she would no longer be a secret. She'd be a face, a person, a woman, and would therefore bring all the complications that come with that.

Later, Alice finds Duela, and tells the younger girl that both of them were wrong by the same man. She promises to take revenge for both of them, but first, asks for her help. When the GCPD come to the warehouse, they find Duela missing her face, and tells the cops that she is finally perfect.

Alice confronts the Caterpillar

Alice confronts "Ethan Campbell".

At Dr. Campbell's office, Alice has used Duela's face to pass off as her and reveals herself to be Alice. She tells him that she’s all grown up now and is here for a little payback before she knocks him out.

Jacob calls Sophie after finding out that the Crows may be in some dirty dealings.

At Sophie's home, she confesses to her mom that she never loved Tyler. Eventually, she reveals that when she was at Point Rock Academy, she was happy for the first time in her life. When her mom tells her to go find him. Sophie says it's not him, but her. she leaves her daughter after telling her how disappointed she is in her.

Mouse hooked up to a canister of Fear Toxin

Mouse inhales Fear Toxin.

Mary and Kate have a heart to heart, and she tells Kate that she hopes one day she is comfortable enough to be honest with her.

At her hideout, Alice rips the mask that Dr. August Cartwright was wearing. She asks that he give her back her brother Mouse. Dr. August laughs and says he will tell her just where her precious little mouse is.

Meanwhile, Mouse is convulsing in the chair he’s tied to while breathing the fear toxin that his dad put on him earlier.



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  • Duela Dent's uncle Harvey is mentioned to be a beloved assistant district attorney, a nod to DC super-villain Harvey Dent/Two-Face.
  • When Alice makes a deal with Duela to get closer to August Cartwright, she wears an outfit similar to Duela's comic counterpart when confronting him.
    • In exchange, Duela got her face carved off, bringing her closer to her journey into her comic counterpart where she used the Joker's face instead of her own.
  • The Fear Toxin returns after its first appearance in the crossover Elseworlds.
  • When Dr. August Cartwright mentions that he hasn't cut a smile on one's face, it's a nod to the Joker, who had surgery which left him with a permanent smile.