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"Maybe the accelerator explosion created a meta-gorilla."
Cisco Ramon surprised at Grodd's existence

"Grodd Lives" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of The Flash, and the twenty-first episode overall. It aired on May 5, 2015.



Grodd Lives starts with Captain Singh searching for Eddie Thawne, who's being held hostage by Reverse Flash. Iris enters the station and discloses to Barry what occurred, and says that the Flash should help put. Barry says that Flash is on it, and not to stress over it. Iris, who is genuinely sure that Barry and Flash are the equivalent, makes some hard memories confiding in him.

Across town, the Central City gold hold faces overwhelming fire from reinforced criminals. Cisco illuminates Barry, who hurries to the scene. Be that as it may, when Flash attempts to stop the men, he encounters unusual mind flights of syringes and tumbles to his knees. The defensively covered men accept the open door to get away.

Flash returns to STAR Labs, where Barry says that he felt overpowering apprehension. Be that as it may, Barry then feels something different, as Iris enters the lab. Seeing Barry exposed in his Flash outfit, she declares that she knows Barry's mystery. She uncovers how she felt a shock of power just when contacting Barry and the Flash, and made sense of it from that point. She inquires as to whether Eddie knows, and Barry says yes. Barry then discloses to her that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash and enemy of his mom, alongside the way that Joe knows everything as well. Sickened by the penetrate in trust, Iris stomps out.

Somewhere down in Reverse Flash's underground base, Wells visits the hostage Eddie Thawne. Eddie says that he doesn't trust Wells' case that they're connected, yet Wells orders him to quiet down.

Joe discovers Iris at her office and converses with her about her new disclosures. Iris dismisses his statements of regret be that as it may, and gets considerably angrier at her dad for not enlightening her concerning Barry's actual affections for her. Gaining zero ground, Joe leaves. Skipper Singh then calls and says that the gold snatchers could grab the following shipment of gold. Joe illuminates Barry and Caitlin.

Joe and the gold save monitors take a stab at moving the gold across town in a hidden frozen yogurt truck, yet the criminals discover it and explode it. Be that as it may, before they can hurt Joe, Flash appears and takes the criminals out. Joe exposes one of the criminals and finds that its General Eiling, who was most recently seen being diverted by Gorilla Grodd.

Flash takes Eiling to STAR Labs, who's cognizant, however has the intellectual ability of a vegetable. The group takes a stab at addressing Eiling, however he appears to be inert. At that point, Grodd assumes full responsibility for Eiling and utilizations him as a mouthpiece. He clarifies that he "hurt" Eiling and is Grodd. He advises the pack to fear him.

The group glances back at STAR Labs' camera records, where they see Wells and Eiling probing Grodd when he was only a gorilla. They construe that the investigations, combined with the atom smasher's blast, transformed Grodd into a clairvoyant, exceptionally shrewd being. Caitlin believes that Grodd is equipped for clairvoyance and psyche control. Joe imagines that Grodd is an interruption released by Reverse Flash, and that in the event that they discover Grodd, they can discover Wells and Eddie.

With Iris' assistance, the group scouts through old paper records. In view of old stories, they feel that Grodd is covering up in the sewers. Joe, Cisco, and Flash head into the sewers and begin searching for Grodd. Caitlin and Iris remain at Star Labs, where they talk about Ronnie's change to Firestorm.

In the sewers, Cisco sees unrefined works on the divider. In view of Grodd's drawings, they make sense of that Grodd is advancing and getting more intelligent. They start to hear snorts through the passages. Abruptly, Barry encounters another psychological assault. With Barry down, Grodd snatches Joe and removes him. When Joe strikes a chord to, Grodd utilizes his psyche control forces to make Joe point his weapon at his head. He doesn't make Joe pull the trigger however, saying that his dad, Wells, despises weapons. Grodd additionally says he doesn't have the foggiest idea where Wells is.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry and the group take a stab at building a clairvoyant shield for Flash's next experience against Grodd. Disappointed, Iris stomps out of the room. When Barry pursues her, he advises her not to hold outrage at Joe for staying quiet. Iris at that point turns her annoyance to Barry, and asks how he could hold such huge numbers of privileged insights for such a long time. Yet, Barry then reveals to her that she may truly have sentimental affections for him, not being so forthright herself. Iris doesn't react to the allegation, and Barry leaves.

In Wells' den, Harrison reveals to Eddie how the Thawne bloodline is loaded up with numerous effective figures—aside from Eddie. Wells discloses to Eddie that he is the main Thawne to be overlooked by history, and that he "doesn't get the young lady." He reveals to Eddie that Barry will in the long run wed Iris, and shows him the paper by-line from what's to come.

With the clairvoyant shield collected at STAR Labs, Barry is prepared for a rematch with Grodd. When Barry's tracker on Grodd uncovers Grodd's area, Barry sets out after him. Utilizing remote controls of the sewer's hot steam valves, Cisco has a go at smoking Grodd out of his layer. Utilizing the steam, Cisco drives Grodd on a way towards the Flash. Flash takes a stab at thumping Grodd out with a supersonic punch, yet it's insufficient. Flash takes a stab at emptying progressively expedient punches, however Grodd snatches him and tosses him through a divider onto train tracks. With his brain shield broken, Barry is clairvoyantly assaulted by Grodd. Flash battles to retaliate, yet Iris gives him a motivational speech through his radio. Re-stimulated, Barry gets back up to battle. In any case, as the two jump to conflict, Grodd is hit by a train and removed the field. With Grodd killed until further notice, Barry discovers Joe and returns him to STAR Labs.

With Grodd out, Eiling recovers his psychological freedom. Barry liberates Eiling from the metahuman jail, yet says that he'll get what's coming to him. Eiling reveals to Barry that he knows he's the Flash, however will do nothing about it. He pardons himself to go chase Grodd. Upstairs, Joe and Iris talk. Joe gives a progressively genuine conciliatory sentiment, which Iris acknowledges.

In the mean time, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco plan their best course of action. They understand that they needn't bother with Wells to stop metahumans, and can forestall fiascos themselves—yet a little assistance from Iris. Barry then discovers Iris and converses with her. Barry says that her prior motivational speech invigorated him the to defeat Grodd. He says that the idea of Iris consistently keeps him moving. Iris concedes that perhaps she truly has sentimental affections for Barry, yet can't take care of them until they discover Eddie.

Across town, Grodd rises up out of the sewers, more grounded than any time in recent memory.

Down in Well's nest, Wells pulls out a vial and says he has "the key." He goes to another underground passageway above, and utilizes the vial to actuate something. With brilliant lights enlightening what resembles a runway, Wells says it's the ideal opportunity for him to return home.



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Preparation began February 25, 2015 and ran until March 5, 2015. Shooting began March 6 and ran until March 18, 2015.[1]




  • This episode is the payoff for the brief glimpse of Grodd's destroyed cage back in "Pilot"​.
  • Grodd's hatred for bananas is a carry-over from the Justice League animated series.
  • Wade Eiling's golden helmet is likely a reference to the one worn by Grodd in the comics.
  • While questioning Joe, Cisco asks if Grodd likes King Kong and if he's similar to the apes from Planet of the Apes, referencing two ape-related media.
  • This episode shows the first instance of Joe nicknaming a villain.
  • This episode was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Special Effect.
  • During the episode, Cisco references alligators, C.H.U.D.s and in relation to reports of some animal (Grodd) living in the sewers. When Team Flash doesn't understand, he muses if any of them actually watch movies. Alligators living in the sewers seems to refer to the 1980 horror movie Alligator, while the acronyms refer to Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers (from the 1984 film C.H.U.D.) and Rodents Of Unusual Size (from the 1987 film, The Princess Bride), respectively.
  • Grodd is seen climbing a building, which happens to be the same building used as the Watchtower in Smallville.
  • The music at the end of the episode when Eobard begins activating the pipeline is the music from when he was in the Time Vault at the end of "The Man in the Yellow Suit".