James Olsen/Guardian led a team that operated in National City of Earth-38. The team protected National City from anyone who meant to cause it harm. It consisted of Lyra Strayd, and Winn Schott. It also worked with the D.E.O. and the Superfriends, which were the team's biggest allies.


James's camera got destroyed by criminals who obtained alien weaponry supplied by Cadmus, and Winn promised to make a suit for him if he stayed out of being a crime fighter until the suit was ready.

Eventually, it was completed, and James donned the suit in order to beat Rudy Jones. With the help of Winn, Mon-El, and Supergirl, they managed to beat him. The Guardian then continued his crime fighting career.

They got their third member of the team after Winn entered a relationship with Lyra Strayd. Winn wished for her to join the team. However, James didn't believe it would work, due to her criminal actions in the past. However, it ended up working. She then became a new member of the group.

Some time after that, Winn went to the future with the Legion, to stop Brainy's distant relative from killing all A.I.'s.

Soon, Guardian's team was disbanded when James revealed himself as the Guardian. D.A. Diaz decided against indicting Guardian, but warned that she will have him arrested if he ever came back as Guardian. James returned as Guardian anyway, though he was never arrested and was willing to work with the police. He wasn't charged, and resumed his duties as Guardian.

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