"I don't deal with human criminals. You break too easily."
"Try breaking through titanium alloy.
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The Guardian suit is a protective suit that James Olsen wears as the superhero, Guardian. It was created by Winn Schott.


The suit's color is entirely silver and black. It consists of an entirely black suit with silver plating on it. On the left arm of the suit contains a built in shield which can be retracted for when he is not fighting. To hide his identity, James relies on a silver helmet that covers his entire face but has a slit through in the eye area so he can see.[1] The entire suit is made out of lead, meaning that Kara Danvers, Clark Kent, and no one else with X-Ray vision can use it to reveal James' identity.


After James Olsen decided to become Guardian, he asked Winn Schott to make him a suit, as Winn had made Supergirl's suit. Although he originally declined, Winn later agreed to help. He then made the suit to specifically protect James. It is bulletproof and has numerous other functions to both help and protect James.[1][2]

James left the shield for Kelly after moving back to Calvintown. During the evacuation of Earth-38, Kelly helped the Superfriends to embark the citizens of National City, shielding few of them from some debris using the shield.[3]


"Until I finish making it all fancy, It's just going to be a glorified Halloween costume."
Winn Schott[src]
  • Identity concealment: James relies on a silver helmet with a slit through the eyes so that he can see and protect his identity at the same time. The suit is also lined with lead so that X-ray vision can't penetrate it, preventing beings with X-ray vision such as Superman, Supergirl and other Kryptonians from seeing James' face.
  • Grappling hook: A built-in grappling hook that extends on command. James once used this to swing around an enemy.
  • Retractable shield: A built-in shield that expands and retracts both automatically and on command. James often uses it to help him fight and it generates golden shock-waves to deflect and repel beings with super strength who strike it.
    • Compact Separation: Both James and Kelly have used the shield separate from the suit and kept it concealed for separate use. It springs out in the exact same way it does on the suit even when covered by normal clothes.
  • Bulletproof: The suit is made from titanium alloy, rendering it completely bulletproof, to protect James from assaults.[2]
  • Lead aerosol spray: The suit is enabled with the ability with a type of dispensing system which creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles of lead. This is unleashed through a tube along his right arm which is connected through a payload on the backside of the suit which sprays the gas propellant under pressure when James enables it at his wrist. This is especially used against Daxamites and can causes them to experience what the aerosol's creator Winn calls "space asthma". The lead aerosol weakens Daxamites to level in which a human of James' size, weight and strength is able to fight against.
  • Voice alterer: The suit's helmet has a voice alterer to disguise James' voice so nobody can recognize it, not even Supergirl was able to recognize it.
  • Connection to Winn Schott: The suit's helmet has a camera built in to allow Winn to see it from his Star Spangled Delivery Co. van. Whatever James sees is shown in a HUD display. This lets Winn help James in his superheroism.
  • Smoke pellets: As Guardian, James carries smoke pellets that he can use to escape certain situations such as when he had to disappear from the National City Police Department when he lost his helmet and had to protect his identity.

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Behind the scenes

  • Similar to the Spartan suit when it was first revealed it received some negative backlash due to the color of it and not being comic accurate, even though Spartan was a superhero created for the show.


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