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"In those dreams, I killed Sara."
Roy begins to realize he may have been the one who killed Sara

"Guilty" is the sixth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on November 12, 2014.



Roy is distracted until Oliver tells him to get his head in the game. Roy is sent to look on the roof whilst Oliver went inside and found the men tied up and dripping blood onto the ground. One of the men on the floor grabs Dig's leg and told them that a gang member was taken over the drugs nearby. Roy figures out that someone had written the word "Guilty" on the floor.

Heading back to the Foundry, Felicity gave them information. Oliver then tells Roy to not come with him due to him being distracted. Dig and Oliver head out, with Roy staying with Felicity.

In flashback, Oliver is in Hong Kong, annoyed with his handler. They are waiting for information on China White so when spotting the man with the dead drop, he followed after him. They ran through streets until he was hit with a car. His handler wants information that the now dead man supposedly had.

Laurel is boxing with Ted Grant when she was surprised by a move. They then stop and he offers to buy her Korean tacos after he closes up. She agrees as it sounded better than eating egg whites. In the Foundry, Roy asks Felicity to test him for Mirakuru and he lies that he was okay. Felicity believes the lie but still tests him.

Oliver finally gets a lead that directs him to a building in the Glades. However it is outside a gym and Oliver finds yet another dead body with the word guilty on the floor. Ted returns with Laurel and she tells Oliver how they were together for the last two hours.

Roy learns that he is clean of Mirakuru and Felicity learns that he has been having Mirakuru dreams from when he had OD'd on the drug. He tells Felicity that in the dreams he killed Sara which was causing him to freak. Felicity grows nervous.

Quentin is called and Laurel talks to her dad about what happened. She then left the place and headed to talk to Oliver. They argue about Ted.

In Hong Kong, Oliver is sitting weirdly in front of his handler's kid Akio so he suggests he do something differently. The kid then played a match game. In another room, the handler and his wife Tatsu talk about how his debt would be paid after China White is caught.

Tatsu doesn't like having Oliver there and as a result, she tells Oliver that he can't spend time with her son. She then gets him .

Oliver heads to the Foundry and fills in his team. He had planted a tracker on Ted and headed out after him. He finds a vigilante shrine filled with brass knuckles and another person hanging up dead. Oliver soon fights him but Ted tells him that he had been a vigilante years ago. Ted tells him that he never killed anyone but Oliver mentions a drug dealer from years ago. Ted tells him that he stopped after that. Oliver and Grant decide to work together. They meet up with Laurel who informs them who the last victim was. Oliver then says that Laurel isn't coming.

Roy is sent to go but Felicity stops him. She tells him that she had scanned Sara's body before they buried her. She tells him that he might've had an episode that destroyed whatever had been left in his system.

Dig heads to the site whilst Ted and Oliver head inside. Inside the room, a man shoots at Ted and then the police arrive. Dig and Oliver head back to the Foundry and find that Laurel is not happy. Roy tries to talk to them and he says, "I killed Sara." Laurel doesn't believe him and Felicity tells them that Roy had been remembering it. He approaches Laurel and tries to apologize but Laurel refuses to take it. Roy begins to head out and Dig tries to stop him but Oliver tells them to let him go. Oliver is freaked and Laurel is just upset. Oliver tells Laurel that they would deal with Roy if he truly killed Sara but first they had to deal with Ted and his foe.

In the past, Tatsu tells Oliver that he saw hidden truths and needed to quiet his mind. She had him breathe deeply, allowing him to remember what he needed.

Quentin is questioning Ted in an interrogation room when Laurel shows up and asks to speak to Ted. Her father steps out so she closes the door. She crosses her arms and asks him who framed him. She tells him that she needed information about who the man was. Ted gave her the name of the man, Isaac Stanzler, who was his partner. Isaac was the one who had killed the man 6 years before. Laurel then learns that Ted had cut the man loose.

Oliver and Felicity are in the foundry with Dig. Dig suggests that Oliver abandon Roy as a part of justice for Sara. Ted is set free but Stanzler shows up and tells him that he had been tortured in the past. He aims a gun at Ted and threatens to kill him. Laurel is told to drive by Stanzler and Ted. Laurel as she drives calls one handed to Felicity. Felicity picks it up and learns what happened. Dig comes at them from the other direction but it doesn't stop them. Oliver then rides his bike to catch up but Stanzler begins shooting at the windows to hurt Oliver. It causes him to fall off his bike. Another joins the chase on a bike and Stanzler opens the door so Laurel swerves and causes a car accident. Oliver and Dig go to get Laurel and Grant out of the car. Roy is the one fighting Stanzler, missing as Oliver gets Laurel out before the car explodes. As Roy and Stanzler fight, Stanzler tells him that Oliver would abandon him. Roy then tells Oliver not to abandon him to which Oliver tells him that he never would.

Oliver heads to Ted's gym and tells him to stay away from Laurel. Ted tells him to learn from his mistake and it was okay if Laurel stopped coming. Oliver then gave him other information about how he shouldn't have given up on his sidekick. Laurel is at the hospital when Oliver shows up to talk to her.

Roy heads to the foundry and Oliver decides that they should call Roy "Arsenal". Roy however decides that he wants to turn himself in. Oliver then pulls out a candle from his bag of tricks from the past. The candle is like the one his old handler's wife had used in Hong Kong. Oliver has him close his eyes and focus on clearing his mind, exactly like he had been told to do. Roy then remembers killing a cop outside of the clock tower, upsetting Roy.

In flashback, Oliver finds what he needed and they return to the house to figure out the message. It had a picture with a hidden message inside. Oliver thanks Tatsu but she tells him to get out of their lives as soon as possible.

Laurel heads back to Ted's gym and tells him that she removed his previous charge. She tells him that she wants him to keep teaching her.

The police begin to take him away when another vigilante shows up and shoots at him. "I'm Cupid, stupid," she says.


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Preparation ran from August 26 until September 4, 2014. Filming ran from September 5 until September 16, 2014.[1]


  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • When Laurel and Oliver are arguing about her training, Oliver says that Laurel "still treats this like it's a game". This is a reference to the comic storyline Batman: The Killing Joke, in which Batman tells Batgirl the same thing.
  • One of Isaac's victims, Albert Mancini, is a reference to Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, a former professional boxer whose match with Duk Koo Kim caused brain injuries to the latter which killed him four days later. Mancini's guilt sent him into a depression and a break from his boxing career, which is similar to Ted Grant's retirement as The Wildcat.