A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other materials. It launches one or more projectiles, or bullets, often driven by the action of an explosive force. The explosion inside the gun tends to shake the user's hands and reduce accuracy, the process being called a recoil. This forces a user to grip the weapon in a certain way and have train on how to use it more efficiently. This weapon is often used in Marksmanship.

Today, guns are used primarily for hunting and for sport, as well as for war, policing and home protection. Slade Wilson as Deathstroke, Chien Na Wei as China White, and Lyla Diggle as Harbinger all prefer to use this type of weapon. Some guns come in the form of portable, handheld firearms.

By Rip Hunter's time, weapons shoot energy bolts or blasts of various colors and intensities, instead of any solid projectiles.

Types of guns

Service guns

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  • Long gun:
    • Arquebus:
    • Assault rifle:
    • Automatic shotgun:
    • Battle rifle:
    • Blunderbuss
    • Bolt action rifle:
    • Carbine:
    • Combat shotgun:
    • Grenade launcher:
    • Lever action rifle:
    • Musket:
    • Musketoon:
    • Personal defense weapon:
      • Rifle:
    • Semi-automatic shotgun:
    • Service rifle:
    • Sniper rifle:
      • Shotgun:
    • Submachine gun:
    • Wall gun:

Machine guns

  • Gatling gun:
  • General-purpose machine gun:
  • Heavy machine gun:
  • Infantry automatic rifle:
  • Light machine gun:
  • Machine pistol:
  • Medium machine gun:
  • Minigun:
  • Squad automatic weapon
  • Submachine gun:


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  • Machine pistol:
  • Pistol:
  • Revolver:

Future guns

Rip Hunter's time, weapons still have the appearance, functions, components, operation, and usage of modern firearms, as there are handguns that can resemble revolvers, with the exception that they shoot energy bolts or blasts, which have been called "laser blasts" by Rip Hunter. The energy shots can have various colors, notably blue, green, red, or orange. For most weapons, the part of it that contains ammunition, either the cylinder, handle, or barrel, glowing or shining the color of its ammunition. Depending on the weapon type firing it, the energy round will either just hit with great force, cause damage through a burst of flames and sparks on the target, or completely vaporize or pulverize a target. In addition, the weapons could also knock a person unconscious, seemingly due to the weapons having a stun setting. It would seem as some future clothing, such as Rip Hunter's and Jon Valor's, are somewhat immune to the energy rounds, as the wearer will only be sent flying through the air or knocked down. The Time Masters, Chronos, Rip Hunter, and even some Time Pirates use these types of weapons. A notable weapon of this kind is Rip Hunter's personal sidearm or the Laser pistols used by associates of Eobard Thawne.

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