Gus was one of Ray Palmer's bullies.


In Ivy Town, 1988, when Ray Palmer was cycling along the beach, Gus and two of his companions gave chase to him. Ray hid in a sewer pipe as they went past him.[1]

In October 1988, Ray was about to go home from school when Gus and Ty teased him and tossed around his bag, afterwards, leaving in disbelief that Ray thinks that they were actually friends.

Aberrant timeline: On November 2, 1988, it was revealed in an Ivy Town Times news article about Ray's death that he and Ty pretended to be his friends to get his toys and video games. This article was erased from the timeline when the Legends saved Ray's life.

Current timeline: On Halloween night, 1988, Gus and Ty saw Ray and insulted his costume, just before the Legends came over in their costumes and declared that they were Ray's friends. Mick Rory coerced the two bullies to hand over their candies and allowance.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • At the end of "Zari"​, Gus was credited as "Bully".


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