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Gus-Gus, or Gus for short, is a Gusarax that crashed on the set of Bud Stuy. He was named by Behrad Tarazi.[1]


Capture and release

At some point, Gus-Gus was caught by Kayla and imprisoned in one of the pods on her ship. When Sara Lance released all the pods from the ship into the temporal zone[2], Gus' pod ended up crashing into the set of the sitcom Bud Stuy in Vancouver in 2023.[1]

Star of the show

When he arrived on set, Gus started doing crazy things, which made the audience laugh and the series director, Kamran Saeed, accepted Gus as the new star of the series. Gus was initiating a bond with Kamran and could not separate himself from him.

When he was going to be carried away by the Legends, Gus became angry making a scream, which caused Spooner to weaken. Gus was filming an episode of Bud Stuy and was discovered by Nate Heywood, who played the annoying Landlord. When Imran Saeed crashed into the set, Gus flew off, but was saved and calmed down by Nate and Gus began a bond with him.[1]

Growing pains

After taking him to the Waverider, Gus was carried by Ava Sharpe and the Legends treated Gus with affection and he was also surprised when he heard that Mick Rory was pregnant.[1]

Gus started being cared for by Behrad, Nate, Astra Logue, Zari Tomaz, and Gary Green, and they managed to get Gus to sleep. His childhood would not last long, as Gus quickly grew into a teenager and attacked the Legends. Gus was going to kill everyone, but was defeated by Behrad, Zari, and Mick, who sent him elsewhere.[3]


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