Gus Sabatoni (died March 2013) was Frank Bertinelli's attorney.


Gus Sabatoni cut a deal between Frank Bertinelli and the F.B.I. in which his client would testify against the East Coast family in exchange for being placed into Witness Protection.

During one of his visits to Alley Cat's, Gus was approached by a stripper offering a private dance in the VIP room, which he enthusiastically agreed to. Inside, the woman revealed herself to be Frank's daughter, Helena Bertinelli. Helena threatened Gus at crossbow point, demanded to know where her father was being kept. Gus swore he didn't know, as the F.B.I. didn't disclose any information to him. Helena then killed Gus by shooting two crossbow bolts into his chest before fleeing.[1]



Season 1


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