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"I wish for you to be happy... because that's what you gave me."
—Guy to Helena Kyle[src]

Guy was a genetically-engineered individual created by Simcron Labs to act as a henchman for Harleen Quinzel.


"I never had a birthday."

Simcron Labs genetically engineered a baby for Harleen Quinzel, intended to live out the human life cycle within a few days. However, before he could be given to Dr. Quinzel, a lab assistant stole the baby, wishing to take him out of harm's way. She was intercepted at an apartment, during which she accidentally dropped the baby off the fire escape. The baby was caught by the Huntress, who, seeing the now-dead body of the woman, took him back to the clocktower. There, he was looked after by the three women and given a name, "Guy", taking a liking to Helena. He was put into a crib, during which he kept crying. When Helena went to check on him, she discovered he'd aged rapidly. He was given macaroni and cheese to eat while the women worked, but he interrupted by flinging some at them, leading Dinah to go and read him a story. Deciding to figure out the circumstances surrounding Guy, they put him in a car seat and headed to Simcron Labs. Before getting out of the car, they noticed he'd suddenly aged again. Guy was told to stay in the car and not move, which he promised to do. However, shortly following, he followed them inside, arriving just in time to beat down guards that intended to kill them, killing the main scientist.[1]

That night, Helena and Guy went to a playground, where she talked to him about what had happened, emphasizing that he couldn't be killing people, as it was immoral and wrong. They went back to the clocktower and Guy went to sleep. He woke up a short while later, aged again, and confronted Helena, wanting to know what was wrong with him. She attempted to reassure him, but he refused to listen to reason. Guy stormed off to a club, where he was found by Dinah, who sympathized with him. A man attempted to hit on Dinah, but she pushed off his advances. When he pushed further, Guy intervened, not only attacking the man but causing a fire in the club, causing it to be evacuated. He ran from the scene and made his way to a park, where he fell unconscious, aging into a young adult. When he awakened, Guy saw Helena, and his built-in programming activated. The two fought for a short time, but Helena broke through and talked him down, breaking through his programming, reassuring him that violence wasn't the way. However, they were interrupted by a number of mercenaries hired to find Guy. They fought them off with ease, before rushing back to the clocktower. The aging began to speed up and Guy aged into a 40 year old, before once again aging to 70 years old. The women presented Guy with a candle in a cupcake, as he'd always wanted a birthday, before he closed his eyes and peacefully passed on.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Guy was engineered by Simcron Labs to live out an entire human life cycle within three days.[1]
    • Accelerated aging: The aging was typically triggered whenever he fell asleep; he would age an accelerated rate.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Due to the biological programming found in his DNA, Guy was highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, being able to take on fully-grown adults even at age 10/11.[1]


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