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"It doesn't matter if others accept me. God will never accept me. You see my love for Alun... it's goes against God's will for me. My divine mission may be to save Alun, but my divine punishment must be to live without him."
—Gwyn Davies to Ava Sharpe[src]

Dr. Gwyn Davies[1] is a time traveler, the scientist known for laying the foundation of time travel, and a member of the Legends. Gwyn was previously a soldier in World War I and resided in New York City until being recruited by the Legends to help them get back to the present. Gwyn is Alun Thomas' best friend.

Gwyn bonded with Zari Tomaz and Ava Sharpe by talking about his sexuality, trauma, and beliefs.[2] Apart from his personal growth, Gwyn started elaborating a plan to save Alun[3] and helped the Legends defeat Evil Gideon and her robot Legends.[4][5] After being tricked by Gideon with a robot copy of Alun, Gwyn used his time machine to travel to 1916. To prevent Gwyn from dying, the Legends helped him in saving Alun. Once Gwyn reunited with Alun and Nate Heywood retired from the team, the Legends got lured by Mike, so the Time police could arrest them for violating the timeline.[6]


Early life

"Guys, the manual mentions an obscure scientist who laid the foundation for all of time travel, a guy named Dr. Gwyn Davies. He's alive right now, in 1925, and he lives in New York."
Ava Sharpe on Gwyn Davies[src]

At some point, Alun Thomas and Gwyn became best friends. Alun managed to light up a room with a smile and wrote Gwyn the most delightful poetry. During their friendship, Gwyn developed feelings for him.

Gwyn tries to calm Reece.

A few years into World War I, Gwyn and Alun were tasked with delivering a letter to a unit, but along the way, Gwyn helped Reece calm down after being shot and hugged him while he was dying. By the time Gwyn arrived at the destination, all the members of the unit had died, including his best friend Alun. Due to the trauma caused by the war, Gwyn unconsciously buried down various memories. At some point, Gwyn moved to New York and started working under Thomas Edison. In order to save his best friend, Gwyn began working on a functioning time machine, although he was warned not to by Edison.[2][6]

Becoming a Legend

Expressing his trauma

Gwyn in the mental asylum's bed.

Gwyn was walking out of a building when Sara Lance started speaking to him, stating that she was intrigued by his work. He wasn't interested, but Sara made him fall so she could steal of of his plans for a time machine. Later, to distract him, Sara impersonated a secretary gave him many files to sort. However, Gwyn was caught by Thomas Edison, and was promptly sent to a mental asylum for insanity. He was broken out by Sara, and they both made a deal to assist each other.

Gwyn and the Legends use his time machine to escape a rogue Waverider.

Gwyn then attempted to use his time machine to time travel, but was averted by Astra Logue, who knew the attempt would result in failure, using magic to shut down the city's power grid. After acquiring the part needed for the time machine to successfully time travel from J. Edgar Hoover's robot, Gwyn activated the time machine with him and the Legends inside. They landed in an unknown time period, in what appeared to be a wild forest.[7]

The Legends and Gwyn arrived in 1986 with the time machine. Everyone started panicking, so Nate Heywood gave everyone orders and told Behrad Tarazi and Zari Tomaz to go with Gwyn. Gwyn ran away, so Tomaz and Behrad went to talk to him to convince him to fix the time machine, but Gwyn got frustrated and mad, so he dismissed the comments and left again. Tomaz followed him and wanted to talk, so Gwyn expressed what happened to him during the war and how he felt. While talking, some soldiers arrived, making Gwyn start panicking, so they took them in.

Gwyn and Zari talk about their past.

Once in the room, Gwyn continued talking to Tomaz about his best friend Alun Thomas and how he felt God forgave his past sins by giving him another chance at saving him. He told Tomaz, Behrad's attitude reminded him of Alun. Zari asked Gwyn if he loved Alun, and Gwyn confessed he did. Once Behrad arrived, he gave Gwyn the missing parts for the time machine and announced they were in 1986, and the Chernobyl explosion would happen today. They got out, but Gwyn said they needed to do something to save the people, so Tomaz agreed, and they announced to everyone to leave. They stole a car and reunited with the Legends. After arriving, they told the Legends of the events that happened. Once Tomaz, Behrad and Gwyn fixed the time machine, the Waverider that was hunting them appeared again, so the Legends hurried and used the time machine.[2]

Gwyn asking Ava Sharpe about John Constantine.

The Legends managed to escape the Waverider that was hunting them, but they didn't know where they were because Gwyn's time machine broke when Bishop crashed into the time machine on a toilet. Some military men were near the area, so the team distracted them and entered the pocket dimension. There, they questioned Bishop and learned about "evil Gideon". They sent Bishop to Constantine's room, making Gwyn curious on who he was. To fix Gwyn's time machine, Sara and Ava went to McDougle Jemison Factory, where they could get the missing parts.

Gwyn fixing the time machine.

When Ava and Sara got back, they revealed they were in the 1940s. After hearing the news, Gwyn saw how the Legends celebrated Tomaz and Nate's moving-in together announcement. Sara, Ava, Gideon, Astra, and Spooner joined the Rosies, so Gwyn could the needed parts to fix the time machine. After the ladies brought the missing parts, Gwyn asked Gary to help him out. While fixing the time machine, Bishop, Gideon and Behrad arrived and showed Gwyn a neural navigational system that Gideon could use to navigate the time machine, by reading her mind. Since the Legends accidentally changed the timeline, "evil Gideon" found them and sent robots after them. The Legends were able to escape when Bishop sacrificed himself.[4]

Gwyn talks with Spooner.

The Legends arrived in the pocket dimension since it felt like home to Gideon. Gwyn took a moment to process Bishop's death and asked if they could time-travel back, but Sara said Bishop sacrificed himself. Gwyn was using a candle when he heard voices thinking it was Alun. Gwyn opened the doors to Hell and fainted. Spooner and Astra found Gwyn and calmed him when the weird voices appeared again. The team told Gwyn to be careful with the doors next time, as something could have entered. They then heard Sara scream and found Gary and Gideon in bed. After asking them how long they had been together, Astra cast a spell and it revealed that the Legends were on a reality show controlled by a cursed film crew who were employed by Harris Ledes, making Gwyn faint once again.

Gideon talks to Gwyn about Alun.

Spooner and Gwyn talked about the Hell crew, and soon after, Spooner asked Gwyn if they allied but quickly decided not to since Gwyn was weird. Gwyn went with Sara again to speak about his secret mission to save Alun, and Sara made a post-it which she gave Gwyn to confirm she would keep her promise. When Gwyn was walking, Spooner came out naked, making him uncomfortable. When Gwyn was reading, Gideon arrived. The latter and Gwyn talked about Alun, giving Gwyn an idea. Ava summoned the Legends to dinner and they all expressed their emotions through a "personal interview". Everyone was awkward with each other. Gwyn started praying while Zari thanked Ava for the meal. Gwyn told everyone that he wanted to save Archduke Franz Ferdinand, since Sara promised him that he could save one life. Sara then got mad at him, calling him a liar.

The Legends hear Behrad's feelings.

Soon after, Gary told the Legends that Gideon was going to kill them and grabbed the neural navigational system that Bishop had made. They chased Gary but were too late since Gary ate the device. The film crew's curse got lifted because Behrad got "real", expressing his feelings over his deaths and how he felt about Astra and having cameras in his face early on in his life. Gary summoned a house meeting and told everyone to apologize to him and Gideon over what they said about their relationship. The Legends all apologized and asked Gideon where they should go. Gideon told them that her plan was to plot a course for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 in Sarajevo in order to save him and stop World War I. The team laughed thinking she was joking, but freaked out when they realized that she was serious.[8]

Accepting himself

"I'll never be accepted by God."
—Gwyn Davies to Ava Sharpe[src]

Gwyn and Ava hug.

After the Legends' time-traveled to 1914, Ava and Gwyn were left alone in the pocket dimension. Ava took this as an opportunity to help Gwyn elaborate the plan to save Alun without messing up the timeline. Gwyn thanked Ava again for helping and showed her where Alun got ambushed. Ava gave Gwyn the little soldiers John had in the attic to make planning the plan easier. Gary arrived with the time machine and informed the duo they were waiting their turn in The Fixed Point Bar. When telling them the bar was full of time-travelers, Ava told Gwyn this wouldn't exist without his invention. When Ava realized, she told Gwyn they would need to make a plan where Alun survives, and he still makes the time machine, to what Gwyn told her not to worry since his past self wouldn't know. Ava told him he would be alone while Alun was alive, but Gwyn told Ava he was aware.

Gwyn and Gideon give Sara the device.

While Ava wanted a plan that worked in which Gwyn doesn't end alone, she got frustrated at Gwyn and told her it wouldn't work. When Ava came up with another idea of putting the Legends at different points, Gwyn stopped her and told Ava he deserved to be punished for loving another man and that God would never accept him. Gwyn expressed his love for Alun wasn't what God wanted from him. Gideon arrived and told Gwyn if she could have the device, and he gave it to her. Gwyn expressed maybe God destined him for failure. Ava told Gwyn, God would want him to experience love no matter someone's gender. Gwyn hugged Ava and smiled. Gwyn went with Gideon to the Fixed Point Bar to give Sara the anti-time manipulator. Later, Sara came back and told Gideon and Gwyn to hold the fort, while they fought "evil Gideon".[3]

Gwyn and Astra help Ava.

While the Legends left to get the Waverider back, Gwyn and Gideon stayed with the time travelers in The Fixed Point Bar. When the time travelers noticed a threat, they all left, even though Gwyn and Gideon warned them not to since it wasn't their fight. When the Legends came back, they brought in Ava, who got hurt, so Gwyn took care of her, while Astra dealt with Robot Behrad, who sneaked into the bar. After Gwyn revealed how he took care of Ava's wounds, Sara told the Legends she wanted to speak with the Robot Legends. Sara talked with Robot Sara and Robot Nate, and while waiting for them, Gwyn told Sara he couldn't let her do this alone.

Gwyn sees Sara's body on the ground.

Gwyn told Sara soldiers don't go alone, but Sara dismissed his suggestions and took him next to The Fixed Point Bar entrance. When Sara got hurt by Robot Nate, Gwyn started panicking but at the same time remembered the moments he had with the Legends and got up and saved Sara. When Sara realized she couldn't speak with them, Gwyn told her she could play dishonorably since they weren't playing honorably. Sara told him they were the Legends and not the military, but Gwyn told her it was the same. Sara told Gwyn what he would do, to what Gwyn said he wasn't a captain, but a soldier. The Legends reunited and Gwyn told them about his plan to have Behrad disguise himself as his robot counterpart so he could infiltrate the Waverider that "evil Gideon" was using and disable her.

Gwyn and the Legends prepare to fight Robot Nate and Robot Sara.

When Nate and Sara returned, telling Gwyn the plan won't work, Gwyn came up with an improved idea consisting on distracting the Robot Legends by giving people future technology, so the Legends could infiltrate the Waverider. When they came back, Gwyn congratulated them. Sara told Gwyn he was officially a Legend. The Legends heard someone enter outside and went to check. They Legends got ready to fight Robot Sara and Nate, but Astra came up with a plan of using Gideon to tell the Robot Nate and Sara to take out their CPUs. Since they still needed a protector for the Fixed Point, Nate gave Robot Nate Eobard Thawne's Fixed Point watch. After that, all of the Legends reunited aboard their new Waverider.[5]

Reuniting with "Alun"

"In the river, I will find you, for you will always be you, and I will always be me."
—Gwyn Davies to Alun Thomas.[src]

Evil Gideon removing the air from the ship.

Ava and Gary carried Gideon back the Waverider after a robot of Astra stabbed her in the pocket dimension. In order to save Gideon, the Legends decided to bring "evil Gideon" back online. Once "evil Gideon" came back online, she tried kill the Legends by removing all of the oxygen from the Waverider until they activated protocol 276. Since protocol 276 dictated that under no condition could Gideon self-destruct, "evil Gideon" couldn't kill the team as long as they stayed within Gideon's sight. Zari told the Legends that when she and Behrad had connected the cables to bring "evil Gideon" back online, she swapped one of the plugs, which meant that the lab was a "safe room". Since the team couldn't leave the lab, they started to get hungry, so Astra cast a spell that multiplied a package of peanuts that Spooner had. Soon after, Gideon told the Legends that they had to retire. Refusing to do so, the team came up with a plan to take "evil Gideon" offline and get off of the Waverider.

Gwyn and Nate went to work together while the others did their part. Since it was Gwyn's turn to see his future, he went with Gideon and Gary. They showed him his future, but when Gwyn asked if he would be with Alun, Gideon told him, no, making Gwyn disappointed. Once all of the Legends saw their futures, they revealed to the others what they had seen. The team then realized that if Spooner didn't go to the parlor to see her future, "evil Gideon" would suspect that something was off.

Gwyn kisses Alun.

While Astra pretended to be Spooner, Spooner tried to charge a time courier in the armory, but accidently sent off an alarm and was almost killed by "evil Gideon". The Legends eventually decided to retire after feeling that it was the right thing to do for the sake of the timeline. Following the team's decision to retire, Gideon became the new captain of the Waverider and they signed the contracts that Gideon had given them. The Legends celebrated their retirement with a party and cake. During the party Astra gave everyone keys to the pocket dimension using the same spell she did to multiply the peanuts. Ava arrived and asked him if he was nervious to see Alun, but Gwyn revealed he would live alone since saving Alun would change the timeline. Gwyn told Ava it was okay and told her a piece of the poem he used to tell Alun before his death. Later, Ava asked Zari for help regarding Gwyn's future. Right after they told Gwyn about their plan to save Alun Thomas and he agreed, Gideon suddenly appeared with "Alun".

The Legends take a picture before retiring.

Gwyn and the robot of Alun sat down, while Gwyn explained everything that had happened, with robot Alun asking him if he had died, with Gwyn telling him he had. Gwyn explained he was alive since he created time travel and couldn't live in a world without him. When Gwyn was about to leave, robot Alun grabbed him and kissed him, making Gwyn happy until he realized something was off when he told robot Alun a piece of a poem and he didn't know what was next. Before leaving the Waverider one last time, the Legends figured out when they would meet in the pocket dimension and took a team picture. After arriving in the pocket dimension, Gwyn pulled out robot Alun's CPU and decided he would save him.[9]

Doing the impossible

The Legends speak to Mike.

After the Legends learned Alun's death was a fixed point and Gwyn got sent with a robot, the Legends traveled to 1916 to prevent Gwyn from dying. Once they arrived, Gwyn asked them why they were here, with the Legends revealing the truth about Alun's death. The Legends decided to go to an abandoned place, to use it as a base of operation. When Gideon walked in, the Legends got mad at her for her actions. While Astra and Spooner used the time courier to save Gideon, the rest of the Legends headed to save Alun. The Legends realized there was a fixer to Alun's death fixed point, so they decided to give him a message by using their hands.

Gwyn sees his younger self.

After the fixer appeared, the Legends revealed their mission. They explained to Mike the "fixed point" could fix itself without anyone protecting it. After explaining it to him, the fixer decided to help them. When Astra, Spooner, and Gideon arrived with the Waverider, the fixer betrayed the Legends and stole the Waverider. When Gwyn arrived with robot Alun's body, Mike destroyed the time machine leaving the Legends stranded in 1916. Gary and Gwyn were walking when they suddenly saw younger Gwyn holding Reece after being shot. They hid behind the tree when Gwyn revealed he had no memory of these events. Like Sara lost her powers thanks to being pregnant, Nate steeled up and went to save Alun.

The Legends and Mike are arrested by the Time police.

While trying to save him, Nate's powers started disappearing thanks to mustard gas. When Nate woke up, Gwyn revealed his steel transformation was gone. Before Nate left, the Legends reunited and told him goodbye. Once everyone was together, they jokingly said they would rebuild a time machine to escape 1916 when Mike arrived with the Waverider. The Legends got onboard the Waverider when they realized Mike was in handcuffs. The Time police came out and put the Legends to the ground when they revealed they were under arrest for crimes against the timeline.[6]

Erased futures

Gwyn dies trying to save Alun Thomas.

In a erased future if the Legends retire, Gwyn goes back to 1925 and lives his life alone since Alun's death is a fixed point to the timeline.[9] In another erased future, Gwyn travels with the time machine to 1916, brings robot Alun's body, and tries to save his Alun by pouring something in his drink. Shortly after, Gwyn got shot and killed.[6]


"God forgive me, I loved Alun more than anything."
—Gwyn Davies[src]

Gwyn is a very vulnerable and neurotic man. He has passed through multiple traumas. He was a soldier, who lost his best friend Alun, prompting him to make a time machine. Although Alun was his best friend, Gwyn had feelings for him and was hurt when he died. When he made a deal with Sara Lance, he was shocked to know she was married to a woman.[7] Since working with the Legends, Gwyn has had a new enviroment, with a more accepting group. Gwyn has bonded with Zari Tomaz, talking about the death of his late friend, Alun.[2] Gwyn has trust issues as seen when he was talking to Sara, and kept asking about the deal they made to save Alun.[8]

Gwyn is a religious person who believes in God. Since Gwyn is from 1925, he has a lot of internalized homophobia, as seen when talking with Ava Sharpe about the plan to save Alun. Gwyn thinks God gave him another chance to save Alun, but at the same time, he deserved punishment for loving a man. He thinks his love for Alun is against what God wants him to be. Ava comforted Gwyn telling him God or whatever wouldn't want him to be alone.[3] When Sara was in danger, Gwyn panicked but, at the same time, remembered the times the Legends helped him, giving him the courage to save Sara. Gwyn, as a former soldier knows a lot about war, so he helped the Legends make a plan to defeat "evil Gideon" and her Robot Legends. After defeating the Robot Legends, Sara officially made Gwyn a Legend.[5]

Gwyn apart of being smart, he knows when a person isn't himself, as seen when he suspected of Alun, since he didn't react or act like his Alun, making him remove Alun's CPU.[9]


  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist: Gwyn is a resourceful scientist, who layed the foundation of time travel.[1] Gwyn is an expert scientist who not only layed the foundation for time travel, but created a time machine which allows the user to time travel.[7] Only problem the time machine had was it sent the user to random time periods, which was later fixed with the help of Bishop.[4] Gwyn has also created an anti-time manipulator with the help of Gideon which allows the user to freeze time.[3]
    • Skilled engineer: Gwyn is a skilled engineer, as he built a time machine and an anti-time manipulator.[7][3] He also fixed the time machine when it broke multiple times, with the help of the Legends.[2][4]
    • Bilingualism: Gwyn is fluent in both English and Russian.[2]
  • Military experience: In addition to his strong intellect, Gwyn is a master planner as he devised a plan for the Legends to distract the Robot Legends so that Behrad Tarazi could infiltrate the Evil Waverider.[5]
    • Medical Knowledge: Davies is proficient in treating wounds, as he learned from his time serving as a soldier.[5]


  • Alun's military dog tags that Gwyn carries.

    Alun Thomas' military dog tags: Gwyn has carried Alun's military dog tags ever since his death.
  • John Constantine's pocket dimension key: Gwyn along the other Legends got given a copy of the pocket dimension's key so they could keep contact with eachother.[9]

Former equipment

  • Time machine: Gwyn built the time machine, and has used it with the Legends to time travel. The time machine got destroyed by Mike.[6]
  • Anti-time manipulator: Gwyn and Gideon created an anti-time manipulator that freezes time.


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