"And I will satisfy H'ronmeer, God of Death, by watering the desiccated plains of T'ozz with your blood."

H'ronmeer is a god worshipped on Mars equally by Green Martians and White Martians.


Original multiverse

At some point in time, at the dawn of the Martians, H'ronmeer gave his two children, Phobos and Deimos two items: The Book of Sacred Scrolls, and the Staff of Kolar. The symbols could be shared, but the staff could not. Deimos chose the Symbols, but Phobos chose the staff. Phobos was the first White Martian. At this time, Deimos became the first keeper.[1]

At some point in time H'ronmeer became a primary worshipped entity in religion of Mars, equally important for antagonistic cultures of White Martians and Green Martians.[2] White Martians primarily considered H'ronmeer the God of Death.[3]

M'yrnn J'onzz's status as the "prime servant of H'ronmeer" saved him from being murdered by White Martians, although they held him captive for centuries.[2]

New multiverse

A benediction to H'ronmeer was given by J'onn J'onzz when he learned that Kara was fine after she screamed in delight upon seeing the new suit donned by Alex Danvers.[4]



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Season 3

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Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, H'ronmeer is also a primary worshipped god on Mars.
    • It should be noted that in DC comics some of the Martian gods are actually Endless, so in the primary DC comics continuity, the Martian god of Death is Death of the Endless.
    • In the New 52 incarnation, H'ronmeer is an Elder God from The Source and one of the champions that powers Captain Marvel/Shazam in the Darkseid War.


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