Herbert George Wells is a boy who resided in Salvation in 1871. He went by Bertie as a boy and would later, at the suggestion of Martin Stein, go by H.G. Wells.


Early life

Prior to 1871, Bertie came down with tuberculosis and was in and out of sickness. His mother, Sarah Neal, heeded the advice of his doctor to have a constitutional so his mother took him to see the American West, a place Bertie had longed to see, and settled in the town of Salvation.

In 1871, the Legends arrived to Salvation. Martin Stein learned from his mother that Bertie had tuberculosis and would likely die within the next two days. Martin couldn't stand by while Bertie was dying of an easily curable disease so Martin snuck some modern medicine out of the Waverider and administered it to Bertie. His condition immediately improved. After the Legends fought off the Hunters, Martin said his goodbyes to Sarah and Bertie when Martin gave Bertie the idea to go by "H.G. Wells".[1]


H.G. Wells would later become famous enough that Martin would be astonished when meeting him in 1871.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Herbert George Wells was a famous writer, mainly known for being "the father of science fiction". Appropriately enough, he also pioneered time-traveling as a plot type in science fiction with his novel Time Machine.
  • In the DC comics, H.G. Wells had appeared as a character in several comic books.


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