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"You know what they say: intellect is the greatest aphrodisiac. Here's to rising IQs and libidos."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]

H. Lothario Wells was a resident of Earth-47 and was a member of the Council of Wells until he got kicked out and became a member of the Council of Harrisons.


Early life

At some point, he joined the Council of Wells.[1]

Wells Council Meeting

At the end of 2017, Harry summoned his friends to ask for their help in discovering the identity of the mysterious "DeVoe" and finding out who he really is. Scientists excluded Wells the Grey from the council, and also did not allow Cisco to be "on the agenda". Their work, however, did not bring results because the scientists did not get along - each of them had a different opinion about the research, and in addition, their personalities did not correspond to each other, so Harry canceled the meeting. It was only later that he thought about everything and saw that the problem was on his side, calling the Council again. His words caused the scientists to apologize to each other for being rude and cooperate by assigning the "DeVoe" patch to a certain Clifford.[1]

When Harrison Wolfgang Wells started ruling the Council, he kicked Sonny, H.P. and Lothario, who retaliated against a new grouping - the Council of Harrisons. When Harry told them about what happened to his brain, they decided to help immediately. However, the meeting did not go according to the scientist's plan, as the conversation avoided mentioning DeVoe's name, and focused on feelings, mainly Wells. Eventually, despite his frustration, the man opened up to the Council, initially thinking it was a complete waste of time, but it was only later he and Ramon noticed that the meeting had influenced the man's behavior. This helped them to understand Thinker's recent behavior, concluding that his wife had left him.[2]


"You know what they say about all work and no play. Leaves no time for making whoopee."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]

H. Lothario Wells was very vocal about his pleasures.


"You know, they say to understand a man's actions, you got to understand his heart."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]
  • Genius-level intellect: Lothario was invited by Harry Wells to the Council of Wells due to his vast intellect.[1] Although he was kicked off the group for his promiscuous behavior interfering with his attendance, Lothario was considered emotionally astute enough to join the Council of Harrisons.[2]


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  • This Wells appears to be a playboy/Hugh Hefner type.
    • Because of his "meetings" calling him away when the Council of Wells needed him, Lothario was kicked out of the group.[2]
  • Lothario is shown to be both a genius and generally kind by nature, whereas all other known Wells are either brilliant with harsh demeanor or considerate with above-average intellect. This kindness is likely a result of his sociable lifestyle.
  • Lothario's mannerism is similar to actor Matthew McConaughey.