"You know what they say: intellect is the greatest aphrodisiac. Here's to rising IQs and libidos."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]

H. Lothario Wells is a resident of Earth-47 and was a member of the Council of Wells until he got kicked out and became a member of the Council of Harrisons.


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"You know what they say about all work and no play. Leaves no time for making whoopee."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]

H. Lothario Wells is very vocal about his pleasures.

Powers and abilities


"You know, they say to understand a man's actions, you got to understand his heart."
—H. Lothario Wells[src]
  • Genius-level intellect: Lothario was invited by Harry Wells to the Council of Wells due to his vast intellect. Although he was kicked off the group for his promiscuous behavior interfering with his attendance, Lothario was considered emotionally astute enough to join the Council of Harrisons.


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  • This Wells appears to be a playboy/Hugh Hefner type.
    • Because of his "meetings" calling him away when the Council of Wells needed him, Lothario was kicked out of the group.[1]
  • Lothario is shown to be both a genius and generally kind by nature, whereas all other known Wells are either brilliant with harsh demeanor or considerate with above-average intellect. This kindness is likely a result of his sociable lifestyle.


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