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"This happens at Halloween. Your imagination runs wild. Remember last year you didn't want to trick-or-treat 'cause you were afraid of the monsters?"
Daryl on Halloween[src]

Halloween is a known celebration observed on Earth-1 and Earth-Prime on October 31 with themes of the supernatural.


Established at some point, the celebration of Halloween includes traditions such as trick-or-treating, costume play, house decorations, pumpkin carving, and parties.[1] On Earth-1, the holiday in a modern sense was a common knowledge as early as the late 1920s and early 1930s, with Al Capone referencing it in regards of costume play in 1931.[2]

Cecil Adams, who would later be known as "The Count" and "Count Vertigo", was born on Halloween in 1981.[3]

In 1988, The Legends went trick-or-treating with a young Ray Palmer while dressed in their superhero suits for Halloween in Ivy Town.[4]

In 2005, Tommy Merlyn hosted a Halloween party in Starling City with Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen in attendance. Laurel wore a pair of "horrible" fishnets as a part of her costume.[5]

In 2014, John Constantine was in Alabama around Halloween exorcising the spirit of Marcello Panetti from Henry, who had destroyed the pumpkins his mother was about to carve for the celebration and was dressed in a dead man costume for the celebration. The successful exorcism trip culminated in John observing the children trick-or-treating while lying on his car, drinking beer and smoking.[1]

In 2015, Cisco Ramon participated in decorating the Stein house, well known for its Halloween decorations for the holiday, with Clarissa Stein.[2]

In 2019, Ramsey Rosso began attacking the people of Central City and turning them into Blood Brothers around Halloween. He had a brief confrontation with Flash and Frost, but he managed to escape.[6]

Sometime in 2020, Ryan Wilder was dressed in cat ears around Halloween when she was attacked and nearly mugged before being saved by Batwoman.[7] Sophie Moore asks about this encounter because she knows that Ryan is the current Batwoman, wondering when the Original Batwoman could have saved Ryan.[8]




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Behind the scenes

  • In the real world Halloween is a holiday mainly originating from Celtic harvest festivals and particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, celebrated on 31 October and in the number of coutries and widely regarded as a pop-culture staple all over the world.
  • In the DC comics, Halloween is seen frequently, with comics printed in October often having variant or regular covers themes after it such as in 52 #25.