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"Who are you?"
"The heir to Hamilton Dynamics and I got money to spend.
Johnny Sabatino and Mary Hamilton[src]

Hamilton Dynamics is a powerful arms industry and defense contractor company located in Gotham City. It was owned and run by Catherine Hamilton-Kane until her death, whereupon it was inherited by her daughter, Mary Hamilton and later sold.


Hamilton Dynamics is one of the most important defense company of the United States. After Batman's disappearance, Catherine Hamilton had the company finance Crows Security, effectively privatizing protection for the richest people of the city.[1]

At some point, Hamilton Dynamics was hired to create a defense for the island of Coryana, but Catherine reneged on the deal, gaining Safiyah Sohail's ire.[2]

In 2019, following Catherine's death at the hands of Beth Kane, it is currently unknown whose management Hamilton Dynamics is under now; however, it has gained a negative reputation.[3] Its ownership passed to Mary Hamilton, who used her rank to enter a mob auction unquestioned.[4] Mary sold her stock in the company afterwards and did not associate herself with the new management.[5] Also, Hamilton Dynamics stopped financing Crows Security after Catherine's death due to discovering the company's involvement in selling illegal weapons.[6]

When Alice unleashed a swarm of bats who were infected with the poison she used to kill Catherine and Jonathan Cartwright, she gave Mary a bag of Mary's own blood that still was imbued with the Desert Rose cure. Mary then took the blood to Hamilton Dynamics where the company's scientists managed to create an antidote and cure those who were bitten by the infected bats.[7]

Days later, Victor Zsasz entered Hamilton Dynamics, killing two employees, to gain information on who received treatment with the Desert Rose cure. Dana Dewitt stood outside the company as she reported on the murders; meanwhile, the Bat Team accessed the company's security cameras.[5] Researchers in Hamilton Dynamics began trying to duplicate the Desert Rose cure to treat sick patients, only to fail every time with each test subject dying in the process. Scientist Ethan Rogers attempted to retrieve the original source for the Desert Rose and sent patient Aaron Helzinger to threaten Mary and her father, Jacob Kane into giving him the Desert Rose until they were saved by Sophie Moore and Batwoman.[6]

Mary revealed that she sold her shares of Hamilton Dynamics.

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  • In the DC comics, the company is named Hamilton Rifle Company.