"In my 30 years behind this bench, I have seen my share of criminals. But I confess this defendant stands apart. The defendant was in a position of authority. Our city trusted him to bring the guilty to justice. He used that trust to take an innocent and vulnerable life. Never have I seen a defendant more unmoved. Never have I seen such inhumanity. Such a lack of regard for human life. The court hereby orders that Bartholomew Henry Allen should be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life, without the possibility of parole and that Mr. Allen be immediately remanded to Iron Heights Penitentiary. And may God have mercy on your soul."
—Hankerson sentencing Barry Allen[src]

Judge Hankerson is a judge residing in Central City.


Hankerson became a judge in Central City around 1988.[1]

To deal with the new meta-humans after the appearance of The Rival, Judge Hankerson ordered more resources to be used in figuring out the situation with the meta-human husks.[2]

Due to an opening in his schedule, Hankerson moved Lucious Coolidge's testimony up. However, earlier that day, Central City Police Department CSI Barry Allen had suffered amnesia so the prosecutor, DA Cecille Horton, stalled Hankerson for as long as she could since his testimony was key to her case against Coolidge.

Team Flash weren't able to correct Barry's memory loss in time so the amnesiac Barry was forced to testify in front of Hankerson. Cecille cross-examined Barry while Julian Albert and Cisco Ramon aided him with special glasses. The glasses then short-circuited during Barry's testimony rendering him unable to give an adequate explanation to Hankerson and the court about Coolidge's arson case so Hankerson was forced to let Coolidge walk.[3]



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