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Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is a holiday usually celebrated in early to mid-December by practitioners of Judasim.


Hanukkah is a holiday celebrated over eight days, usually in early to mid December. There are no set dates for the celebration of Hanukkah; the dates change every year depending on the Hebrew calendar.

Hanukkah is usually celebrated by lighting a hanukkiah and exchanging small gifts on each of the eight days.


In 1992, Martin Stein attempted to buy a Beebo doll for his daughter Lily as a Hanukkah gift. Jefferson Jackson later visited the Stein family and gave Lily the doll.[1]

After Felicity Smoak helped Oliver Queen track down the origin of the Dark Archer's arrows, Oliver wished her a Merry Christmas. Felicity revealed she is Jewish and Oliver corrected himself, wishing her a Happy Hanukkah.[2]

When Barry Allen came to Starling City to investigate a case, he asked Felicity if she had any plans for Christmas to which she replied, "lighting my menorah".[3]

After working with Team Flash to catch Roy Bivolo, Felicity coded facial recognition software for their base at S.T.A.R. Labs as a Hanukkah gift.[4]

When Oliver was throwing his campaign holiday party, Donna Smoak and Felicity included Hanukkah decorations to represent their Jewish heritage.[5]

During a Christmas Eve dinner in the Arrowcave, Rory Regan lit a menorah in celebration of Hanukkah.[6]

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