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For the character nicknamed "Hard Hat" by H. R. Wells, see Harry Wells

Hardhat is a member of the Demolition Team, a group that previously worked for Damien Darhk.[1]


At some point in time Hardhat has become affiliated with The Demolition Team led by Rosie.[1]

In 2016 team worked for Damien Darhk trying and failing to destroy a building and killing trapped Quentin Lance. After that failed attempt they were traced to their hideout by Team Arrow but managed to escape, destroying the building and a laptop with information, which was operated by Hardhat. Despite being under attack from Team Arrow Hardhat managed to activate the explosives in the building.[1]

On the occasion of team trying to destroy the building, where mayoral election debates between Oliver Queen and Ruvé Adams were held, Hardhat and other members of the team received direct order from Ruvé to kill Oliver. Hardhat fought against Green Arrow and was shot by Quentin Lance, non-lethally. After The Demolition Team was defeated Quentin handcuffed Hardhat and escorted him out of the building.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Hardhat is an expert martial artist who easily held himself against Green Arrow.[1]
  • Explosives expert: Jack is an expert in explosives and can easily install the complicated bomb.[1]
  • Computer specialist: Hardhat was seen operating a laptop using it for accessing needed blueprints and activating bombs.[1]


  • Tourist axe: Hardhat is seen carrying a tourist axe and using it as a melee weapon.[1]
  • Knife: Hardhat is also seen carrying and using a knife.[1]
  • Hand grenades: Hardhat was seen using hand grenades with great precision.[1]
  • Screwdriver: Hardhat was seen using a screwdriver to install the explosives.[1]
  • Explosives: Hardhat carries some explosives.[1]
  • Laptop: Hardhat was seen using a small laptop to access the needed blueprints and activate the explosives.[1]



Season 4[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics Hardhat, while being a member of Rosie's Demolition Team is usually seen using a special reinforced helmet which he uses for both attack and defense.
  • Marc Trottier had previously acted in 300 and 300: Rise of the Empire as a Spartan Warrior. Ironically, his character fought against Team Arrow in this episode, which includes a character nicknamed Spartan.
  • Hardhat's nickname is only seen in the end credits of the episode and never mentioned in the episode itself.[1]